Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Christian went to Alabama for 2 weeks and I joined him for the second week so we could hang out with our wonderful friends, the Derbys. And I must admit--I thought the Hunstville area was beautiful! (No, not planning to move there.) The last 2 times I was there was for only a couple days at a time and we really didn't venture any farther than their house and Home Depot, but this time I got to see Huntsville when it was green and warm (I didn't mind the humidity and LOVED the thunderstorms) and even got to visit the hilly side of the city. The rest of the pictures are posted on our smugmug page.

* I had visitors during my three-hour layover in Salt Lake! My mom (who happened to be in Salt Lake), Aunt Sally, Ryan, Bonnie, and Bonnie's 2-week old baby, Ella. So fun to see them! I loved Ella! She makes me want my baby right now!

* Yummy food at Landry's. Can I have another Bananas Foster, please?

* Christian went white water rafting in Tennessee with Mike and Meghan. I was jealous.

* Christian, Mike, and the boys went off-roading. Got a little stuck. Then found a couple displaced fish in the mud and put them back in the creek.

* I spent some time at the pool with Jennifer and the boys. The baby needed a tan.

* Christian and I took an excursion to Chattanooga, TN. Rode the carousel, resisted running through the fountains with all the little kids, listened to the frogs at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, visited the aquarium (see the rest of my pics to see some HUGE river and lake fish--scary!), made our own soft-serve creations at The Ice Cream Show, and took at nap next to Nickajack Lake on the way home.

* Jennifer, Meghan, and I spent a few hours at the spa. Massages, nails, ahhhhh. I could actually hear the thunder outside during my massage. It was almost as if it were programed into the relaxing music. Heavenly.

* Saw the movie "Up." I cried like a baby. No really--I was practically sobbing. Those pregnancy hormones are finally kicking in.

* Hung out at the Bridge Street Mall where Christian showed us his mad hula hoop skills. The hula hoop was huge.

* Went to the Madison County Nature Trail on Green Mountain. A man caught a big catfish using raw bacon! Grant and Finn caught sticks and sea weed. Jennifer killed a HUGE black and blue wasp. She was brave. :)

What a beautiful place! I definitely need to travel more in the US. We have a lot of amazing landscape and I haven't seen enough of it. Thanks, Derbys, for having us at your house!


madichan said...

Everything looks so lush, although I am not in the "I like humidity" fan club. Glad to read that raw bacon was used instead of "noodling" (shudder).

I also saw "Up" this weekend, and almost lost it in the first 10 minutes. I had to internally mock myself to pull it together ("Are you seriously going to start bawling in the first 10 minutes of a movie? Where will you go from there?"). That movie was touching.

Bonnie said...

It looks like you had so much fun on your trip! It was awesome to see you - so glad we could make it work! Do you think you could make it work again this week? I'm bored! Come on... it's not that far!

Julia said...

what a fun trip! i know i keep saying it, but you were totally in my neck of the woods! :) so if you liked 'bama so much, i think nc should be next on your list. :)

k, totally cried during up too. no pregnancy horomones needed. "love was the adventure". that's totally cry-worthy.

you are adorable, ps. looking pregnant-fantastic.

Ashley C. said...

Jose and I were talking a while back about how we need to plan more local (ie within the US) trips. There's soooo much cool stuff here, but for some reason whenever i think about taking a trip, it always involves going somewhere foreign. I want to go the the Grand Canyon, or Chicago, or Philly.