Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tuesday thoughts

1. Yesterday I went on another walk during my lunch hour. I strapped on my running shoes to compliment my new black skirt and took off on an adventure. I ended up at Lake Lagunita (which is no longer a lake, but luckily still somewhat marshy). I shared my walk with squirrels, lizards, ducks, red-winged black birds, swallows, and tadpoles. The weather was perfect. I can't wait to go on another walk today.

2. Christian is taking a final as I type this. He has another later today and one on Thursday. Then he is free from school for the summer. Good luck, Christian!

3. Last night I went to dinner with my wonderful friend Julianne. Jules and I have been friends since junior high and we certainly don't see each other enough. But since we live so close to each other, I have vowed to see her more. We chatted it up at the Los Gatos Brewing Company for over 3 hours. It's fun to reconnect with friends from the past and remember how much you truly LOVE them! I have had some amazing friends over the years. (Julianne--I stole this picture from your facebook. Hope you don't mind!)

4. I got a text from my mom this morning that she and my dad are in Yosemite! It must be so nice to be retired. I guess we all have to pay our dues first. I'm paying mine as we speak (oh wait--I'm blogging).

5. We leave for Tahoe on Thursday night! I plan to go running (okay, okay--jog/walk), do yoga, go hiking, and do a little sitting around on my butt. Oh yeah, I'll probably help rake pine needles and clean up as well. I could pull the pregnant card and get out of doing too much work, but I think the running, yoga, and hiking would blow my cover.


Julia said...

Love your Tuesday thoughts. Congrats to Christian and I hope you two have an amazing time in Tahoe. Such a beautiful place.

Ashley said...

I remember going to Tahoe over Memorial Day when I was pregnant. It snowed, I slept, and you guys (you, Tyler, Christian, and Richard) did all the work in the snow. I say you go for the yoga and butt-sitting.

And that's fun about Yosemite. I used to envy the young (children) who had no responsibility. Then I realized it's really the senior cits who have all the fun.

Good luck Christian!

Chris said...

this was such a fun post to read, and yes, dad and I really, really, really love retirement. Yosemite is at it's bext in May. Awsome!