Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend with mom and dad

What a weekend.

4 days away from home
1 night in Loomis, 3 nights in Tahoe
1 anti-cats husband caught playing with a cat and her kittens
3 long walks
2 hikes (including 1 trailblazing romp down the side of the mountain in search of a lake)
1 yoga session on the front patio of the cabin
1 trip to see the falls at Emerald Bay
5 new articles of clothing (mostly for me)
26 garbage cans and 7 wheel barrows of pine needle and pine cones collected and dumped
1 orange boat, 1 antique wheel barrow, and 1 snowboard rescued from the dumpsters
6 or 7 garage sales
1 afternoon of sunbathing (digging a hole for my belly does not make laying on my stomach comfortable)
Thousands of flowering native plants
3 bugs collected for Richard's biology project
1 ridiculously bad nose bleed
2 movies
1 sighting of bear paw tracks
1 tree stump removed by Christian
1 bazillion termites found in the tree stump
1 bike ride to a creek
2 definite baby kicks felt by Christian
1 rainstorm as we left Tahoe
1 welcome home cake from Richard

What a great weekend. Let's do it again.


Ashley C. said...

Aww, that sounds like so much fun! Next year Scout and I will come up and help out. Great pictures. The one of the lake below the picture of Mom and Dad is amazing! Such beautiful colors. And I love actually seeing native plants in the wild, it's easy to forget that that's where they come from...not the nursery! Does the orange boat work? It's so cute.

Julia said...

Looks AMAZING. Sorry about that nose bleed. YIKES.

Christian said...

You forgot to add the free snowboard salvaged from the dumpster.

Amy Carter said...

thanks for removing the stump, christian. now i'll be unstoppable at ping pong.

Dana said...

That sounds like a fabulous trip and you look so great!