Friday, May 15, 2009

in heaven

Jena pretty much gave me permission to talk about pregnancy all I want. So I will.

Last night Christian asked me to pick up some ice cream on my way home from teaching. So I stopped by the Walgreens near our house and got him some Rocky Road (and some strawberry for me). As I was buying the ice cream, the friendly lady at the check stand said, "So when are you due?" Really? Really??? I look pregnant enough that she felt comfortable asking when I'm due? When I got home I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I guess I'm pregnant now.

Yes, that's exciting and all, but let me tell you why I'm in heaven. I received this in the mail last night:

138 pages of calendars, checklists, and charts. Mercy me, does it get any better than that? I am a sucker for calendars and checklists. This is like Christmas, only better.


Carbonneau said...

You are adorable. I can't get enough of checklists either so I can see why you would be so excited! Oh, and I LOVE the picture on the wall of you and Christian...(if I am seeing what I think I am) is that in the kitchen? I don't think it was there when I came (a long time ago) I think maybe the fact that you were buying two things of ice cream gave the lady a little more courage to say something about you ;) nothing wrong with buying ice cream!!

Amy Carter said...

very cute.
i remember being like that.
this time around i'd prefer not to show so much, have not picked up a single 'info' book on pregnancy or recorded a single thought, and wish i didn't have so many check-ups. i can barely even remember what week i am at! poor second child.

i do still enjoy the little kicks though.

jena wise said...

that made me laugh (out loud). i wasn't expecting that. of course you are allowed to talk about your pregnancy! all. the. time. it's a pretty big deal!

i also love the picture in the background.

and i also LOVE LOVE LOVE books like that. good for you for keeping track of everything!

p.s. you still look teeny to me!

Bonnie said...

Wow! That is so much fun! People are brave to ask about the pregnancy so early on - but you're definitely showing! Just wait ... you (or Christian) will be buying weirder things than two tubs of ice cream!

Baldersons said...

Cute little pregnant belly! (Oh and I am totally jealous of the pregnancy planner!)

Dr. aafb said...

I loved the pregnancy planner too! I actually received the same one but gave to a friend as I had already bought one (shows just how nerdy I am). Oh well. You are a darling pregnant lady!

Julia said...

Look at your little bump! LOVE IT