Saturday, May 30, 2009

i ran in a half marathon yesterday!

No, I didn't run a half marathon yesterday--I ran in a half marathon yesterday. And it was awesome! I joined Ashley for the first 2 miles, for 2.75 miles right in the middle, and for the last 2 miles. Perfect!

These are the lovely ladies who ran the entire thing (Dear lovely ladies--I'm sorry if you don't like your running pictures, but I think they're great! You were all so happy!):









(Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Rachel or Robin.)

And Ashley--my sister and running buddy! She was amazing. She ran the whole thing and even sprinted at the end! Christian and I were so impressed by how strong she looked throughout the entire race.

As for the baby--he behaved. :) I felt great during the run even though I had to pee 4 times in 6.75 miles. Luckily there were enough bathrooms that I only had to pee behind a bush once. But thank goodness for bushes.


Julie Laughlin said...

wow --- all the girls look so happy! I certainly don't look like that when i'm running!

way to go molly!

Kerri said...

Yeah, they DO look happy--that's what I was going to comment on...were these pics taken in the beginning!!!

Way to split up the run, Molly...for any other passerby that would have seen you in the beginning,mid, and end, they would have thought you did the whole thing, putting the rest of us all to shame!

Chris said...

wow, I had no idea how many friends you had running the race with you and Ashley. These photos help me feel like I was there. Congratulations.

Julia said...

So proud of you! :) You look amazing.

I miss you running with you girls so much, it hurts. :P

You are all rock stars!

whitney said...

molly, you are so freakin' cute. thanks for taking pictures of all of us. you were such wonderful and encouraging face to see on the course. :) your preggo pictures from the other post are gorgeous!