Thursday, May 14, 2009

conversations with a fellow preggo

I promise I won't always post about pregnancy. I have plenty of other exciting things going on in my life. I think.

Had to share this conversation I just had with Lenessa. Lenessa is also pregnant (2 weeks farther along than I) and we spend hours chatting online about very important pregnant issues. Like this:

{Background info on the conversation: Our babies are between 6 and 8 inches long, head to rump, which seems really big to me.)

Me: How can we not feel something that big moving inside us?? Our babies are huge. How do we not feel them constantly?

Lenessa: I have no idea except that they're not terribly boney yet so it might be more like getting slapped with a noodle on your insides.

Like I said. Very important conversations going on around here.


jena wise said...

it's ok; pregnancy really is all-encompassing. it's all I could think about for those entire 9 (10) months so we certainly understand! so happy it's a boy!

Bonnie said...

I really did think the same thing! It's bizarre to have something that BIG inside you without feeling it. Don't worry, by the end you'll wish you didn't feel HIM as much. Congrats on the boy - he's going to be so handsome!

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy blogging can be quite when you feel like a mac truck, blog about it and people will comment. They'll say things like 'Oh no, you look great' or 'You're due next week, you still look SO small'.

LJ and DC said...

Ahahahaha! We totally crack me up. What would I do without you Molly?