Tuesday, May 19, 2009

accidental tuesday purchase

(I promise--I am getting lots of work done today. I just got distracted for a second.)

Turns out I just accidentally ordered 5 bags of these online.

You might be wondering how exactly I could "accidentally" make an online order for 5 bags of ridiculously delicious gummy candy. I'm kind of wondering the same thing.

Meredith posted some pictures of delicious gummy candy from Italy. I commented about how much I LOVED gummy candy from Spain (nothing here even compares). She mentioned the creme-filled licorice bricks (which just happen to be my favorites) and I went on an immediate internet search for them. I was hoping to find the kind that aren't coated in sugar, but I couldn't find them.

In my quest to find out how much shipping would be on these little bricks from heaven, I clicked "add to cart" and proceeded through the paypal process fully expecting to stop the process as soon as I found out how much the shipping would cost.

Suddenly the top of the page read "Thank you for your purchase!"


I think I just ordered 5 bags of licorice bricks. How big is each bag? No idea. How much is the shipping? No idea, because PayPal didn't charge me for shipping. Will they ever actually be sent to me? No idea.

Am I worried about it? Nope! I would accidentally buy these bad boys again in a heart beat!


Ashley C. said...

That bowl of candy kinda grosses me out..they riming me of body parts or entrails, or something gross like that.

Ashley said...

That is a fabulous accident! I hope they are HUGE bags! Gummies rock. And if you have too many to eat (yeah right), you can save them for your gingerbread house.

Ashley C. said...

No...they're like a bowl full of dentures! Creepy.

Amy Carter said...

if they ever accidentally arrive, please save some for me!

Julia said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, gummy candy.

Dana said...

I'm all interested in trying them now. That is funny that you accidentally bought them, good thing you love them!

Carbonneau said...

Good times! oh sweet memories, meeting Molly after Flamenco Guitar lessons and stopping by the candy store...love them...want to accidently purchase some on purpose now. :) HOPE YOU GET THEM!

mer said...


Now you just have to let me know if they are the same as the delicious candies I remember from Spain!