Sunday, May 31, 2009

20 weeks

This weekend marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. It's going pretty fast now. And the baby is trying to kicking the edge of the laptop as I type this, so perhaps that's his way of saying hi to all of you.

I took some pictures tonight. They weren't supposed to be this dark and grainy, but I like the way they turned out.

I've been taking photos since about 13 weeks, so one of these days I'll do a post with my progression pictures and keep updating the same post throughout the rest of the pregnancy so all the pictures are in one place.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i ran in a half marathon yesterday!

No, I didn't run a half marathon yesterday--I ran in a half marathon yesterday. And it was awesome! I joined Ashley for the first 2 miles, for 2.75 miles right in the middle, and for the last 2 miles. Perfect!

These are the lovely ladies who ran the entire thing (Dear lovely ladies--I'm sorry if you don't like your running pictures, but I think they're great! You were all so happy!):









(Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Rachel or Robin.)

And Ashley--my sister and running buddy! She was amazing. She ran the whole thing and even sprinted at the end! Christian and I were so impressed by how strong she looked throughout the entire race.

As for the baby--he behaved. :) I felt great during the run even though I had to pee 4 times in 6.75 miles. Luckily there were enough bathrooms that I only had to pee behind a bush once. But thank goodness for bushes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

speaking of running...Rubicon Trail

I've mentioned this trail before, but have never properly posted about it. If you're in Lake Tahoe and enjoy running, I highly recommend this trail. Walking it is great, too. I walked it with my mom this past weekend, and it really is beautiful.

{Note: This is the single-track Rubicon Trail that runs from Bliss Park to Emerald Bay, not the off-roading Rubicon Jeep Trail up McKinney-Rubicon Road.}

My favorite place to run near our cabin is the Rubicon Trail at D.L. Bliss Park. The trail runs from Calawee Cove (Rubicon Point) at Bliss Park all the way to Emerald Bay, around Emerald Bay and up to Upper Eagle Point Campground (see map below). I haven't gone nearly that far, but some day I will. I have only run the stretch from Rubicon Point to Emerald Bay. It is well worth the trip.

The portion of the trail closest to Rubicon Point (along with the Lighthouse Trail) has more traffic on it, but the rest of the trail is quite isolated in the morning. I prefer to jump on the trail only a mile down the Bliss Park road, just past the pay station. When you turn off of highway 89, drive a mile down the road to the ranger's station (pay station). Less than a quarter mile after the station, park in the small parking lot on your left. You'll see two trail heads: the Lighthouse Trail (down the road) and the Rubicon Trail (up the road a bit back toward the pay station). Take the Rubicon Trail and head right (South) when you hit the trail. This cuts off the entire Lighthouse Trail portion (probably a little over a mile and a half). From here it is somewhere between 2 and 3 miles to Emerald Bay and another 1 1/2 to 2 miles to Vikingsholm. I'm could probably look up the exact distances, but really--who cares when you're out on a beautiful trail?

From the starting point mentioned above, it's a gradual downhill until you are running closer to the water. Then the trail levels out and is relatively flat. You'll know you are getting close to Emerald Bay when the trail passes a small cove and heads inland. Run another 5 minutes or so and you'll come out near the entrance of Emerald Bay.

This single-track trail really is amazing and is perfect for running. I read another online review of the trail and the author said that there are a lot of side trails that head down to the lake, making it hard to distinguish which is the real trail. Perhaps he was referring to the part closest to Calawee Cove, because farther down the trail I don't remember seeing any side trails. It is quite obvious where you are supposed to go.

You can make it an out-and-back or you can park cars at different ends and run a point-to-point starting at either Upper Rubicon Point Campgrounds, Emerald Bay, or Bliss Park. If you start at Emerald Bay, you'll have to park at the top and walk (or run) the half mile down the dirt road to get to the trail down on the bay. Wherever you start, be sure to go early--parking fills up at Emerald Bay, and Bliss Park has a limit on the number of cars they let in. Be sure you get in early on busy weekends, especially so you don't have to deal with lots of other hikers on the trail. I highly recommend starting and ending at Bliss Park so that you can spend the rest of the day at the Calawee Cove beach (or jumping off nearby rocks).

Click map for larger view:

I was sure to take my camera with me this past weekend just so I could post a ridiculous number of pictures:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

dear baby

Dear baby,

You are getting so big! I know because my belly is sticking out more and more each day. I can feel you moving every day now and I love it. But you and I need to have a little heart-to-heart talk about something.

I went on a little jog with a few of my girl friends. I purposefully made a bathroom trip right before I walked out the door. Here's the thing. By the time I got to the end of our driveway to meet my friends, I had to pee again. I know you're not doing it on purpose, but it's quite uncomfortable. In fact, I had to pee so badly while running that I made two different stops at Jack-in-the-Box to use the restroom.

I'd like to propose a deal. I'm hoping to run portions of the See Jane Run half marathon this weekend so that Ashley doesn't have to run the entire thing by herself. As you know, I gave up on running long distances last week because the hormones that come along with pregnancy have seriously messed with my hip joints. So I would really appreciate if you could give me just two more days of short-distance running so I can run part of the race on Saturday. Just two more days of relatively comfortable running. That means you can't use my bladder as a trampoline while I run on Saturday.

In return, I promise I will stop running after that. I will stick to walking, hiking, yoga, and swimming.


Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend with mom and dad

What a weekend.

4 days away from home
1 night in Loomis, 3 nights in Tahoe
1 anti-cats husband caught playing with a cat and her kittens
3 long walks
2 hikes (including 1 trailblazing romp down the side of the mountain in search of a lake)
1 yoga session on the front patio of the cabin
1 trip to see the falls at Emerald Bay
5 new articles of clothing (mostly for me)
26 garbage cans and 7 wheel barrows of pine needle and pine cones collected and dumped
1 orange boat, 1 antique wheel barrow, and 1 snowboard rescued from the dumpsters
6 or 7 garage sales
1 afternoon of sunbathing (digging a hole for my belly does not make laying on my stomach comfortable)
Thousands of flowering native plants
3 bugs collected for Richard's biology project
1 ridiculously bad nose bleed
2 movies
1 sighting of bear paw tracks
1 tree stump removed by Christian
1 bazillion termites found in the tree stump
1 bike ride to a creek
2 definite baby kicks felt by Christian
1 rainstorm as we left Tahoe
1 welcome home cake from Richard

What a great weekend. Let's do it again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

watermelon belly

{Note to readers--If you are of the opinion that pictures of pregnant bellies are rather distasteful, please be aware that I think they're AWESOME. And this is my blog, so HA!}

You'd think I'd learn. Overeating while pregnant is just not the same as overeating while not pregnant. I never knew a stomach could grow so quickly in a matter of minutes. I feel like I could pop my belly with a pin. You know--let all the pressure out.

My little belly really isn't that big yet. Some days it's not even that noticeable (or at least I think it isn't until my friends at work squeal with joy when they see it and run over to touch it). But really--it's not even big yet.

However, when I eat too much at night--watch out, world. It grows and sometimes I'm afraid it will pop. Tonight I was stupid. After filling myself to the brim with a falafel wrap, I decided to top things off with some ice cream.


A few minutes later I lugged my big belly into the kitchen and saw a big watermelon sitting on the counter. Big, round, hard as a rock. In my mind I said, "I know how you feel." In fact, I may have even said it out loud.

So the watermelon and I had a little pow wow about how much it sucks to bloated from overeating. When am I going to learn?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

accidental tuesday purchase

(I promise--I am getting lots of work done today. I just got distracted for a second.)

Turns out I just accidentally ordered 5 bags of these online.

You might be wondering how exactly I could "accidentally" make an online order for 5 bags of ridiculously delicious gummy candy. I'm kind of wondering the same thing.

Meredith posted some pictures of delicious gummy candy from Italy. I commented about how much I LOVED gummy candy from Spain (nothing here even compares). She mentioned the creme-filled licorice bricks (which just happen to be my favorites) and I went on an immediate internet search for them. I was hoping to find the kind that aren't coated in sugar, but I couldn't find them.

In my quest to find out how much shipping would be on these little bricks from heaven, I clicked "add to cart" and proceeded through the paypal process fully expecting to stop the process as soon as I found out how much the shipping would cost.

Suddenly the top of the page read "Thank you for your purchase!"


I think I just ordered 5 bags of licorice bricks. How big is each bag? No idea. How much is the shipping? No idea, because PayPal didn't charge me for shipping. Will they ever actually be sent to me? No idea.

Am I worried about it? Nope! I would accidentally buy these bad boys again in a heart beat!

tuesday thoughts

1. Yesterday I went on another walk during my lunch hour. I strapped on my running shoes to compliment my new black skirt and took off on an adventure. I ended up at Lake Lagunita (which is no longer a lake, but luckily still somewhat marshy). I shared my walk with squirrels, lizards, ducks, red-winged black birds, swallows, and tadpoles. The weather was perfect. I can't wait to go on another walk today.

2. Christian is taking a final as I type this. He has another later today and one on Thursday. Then he is free from school for the summer. Good luck, Christian!

3. Last night I went to dinner with my wonderful friend Julianne. Jules and I have been friends since junior high and we certainly don't see each other enough. But since we live so close to each other, I have vowed to see her more. We chatted it up at the Los Gatos Brewing Company for over 3 hours. It's fun to reconnect with friends from the past and remember how much you truly LOVE them! I have had some amazing friends over the years. (Julianne--I stole this picture from your facebook. Hope you don't mind!)

4. I got a text from my mom this morning that she and my dad are in Yosemite! It must be so nice to be retired. I guess we all have to pay our dues first. I'm paying mine as we speak (oh wait--I'm blogging).

5. We leave for Tahoe on Thursday night! I plan to go running (okay, okay--jog/walk), do yoga, go hiking, and do a little sitting around on my butt. Oh yeah, I'll probably help rake pine needles and clean up as well. I could pull the pregnant card and get out of doing too much work, but I think the running, yoga, and hiking would blow my cover.

Friday, May 15, 2009

in heaven

Jena pretty much gave me permission to talk about pregnancy all I want. So I will.

Last night Christian asked me to pick up some ice cream on my way home from teaching. So I stopped by the Walgreens near our house and got him some Rocky Road (and some strawberry for me). As I was buying the ice cream, the friendly lady at the check stand said, "So when are you due?" Really? Really??? I look pregnant enough that she felt comfortable asking when I'm due? When I got home I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I guess I'm pregnant now.

Yes, that's exciting and all, but let me tell you why I'm in heaven. I received this in the mail last night:

138 pages of calendars, checklists, and charts. Mercy me, does it get any better than that? I am a sucker for calendars and checklists. This is like Christmas, only better.