Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I spent Saturday with Ashley, Amy, Diego, and my mom enjoying springtime.

First stop: Filoli. Thanks for the tickets, Dyan! The day was beautiful and we wandered slowly among the flowers and trees. Watched Diego find the minnows in the ponds and play with the pebbles. Sat in the sun. Amy and I tuckered out on a bench with Diego while the plant ladies wandered the rest of the garden. Thanks, Ashley, for the pictures.

After eating way too much food at Bucks in Woodside, Ashley, Mom, and I took off in search of Yerba Buena Nursery, a California native plants nursery. The picture below is from I highly recommend a trip to the nursery, but I recommend making a day of it. Pack a picnic. Drive up to skyline. Take in the views. Take a hike in one of the many open space preserves up on skyline. Enjoy the 2-mile dirt road to the nursery. Explore the demonstration garden. Play with the salamanders in the pond. Buy yourself some wildflower seeds in the shop.

What a beautiful day.

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Chris said...

I love this visual of such a fun day. I too appreciate the free tickets, because that gave me a chance to spend time with you girls (& the focal point, Diego). Every part of the day was perfect. Thanks