Thursday, April 9, 2009

previous projects

These are the things I've been playing with over the last 5 months or so.

I have a problem with going all out on the first try. The design isn't my own (found it online), but I did cut out every single little piece with an exacto knife. Excruciating.

Stencils for our family Thanksgiving 5k awards.

Baby shirt for Aubrey's little Drake.

Painted tree in our bedroom.

Paper pom-poms with Lenessa. We didn't come up with this idea, but we sure had a lot of fun making them!

Baby onesies for Brooklyn's little Xochi.

Potato stamping with Ashley (I can't take credit for the ginkgo leaves--all Ashley).


brooklyn said...


Seriously. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my onsies! and that tree is so awesome!

Brilliant. Really.

LJ and DC said...

You're a genius. I can't take it. I will be embarassed to hang out with you. . . hehehe jk, but really you are freaking awesome.

Tamra said...

Totally cool! LOVE the baby onesies. If I was having another baby, I would hire you to make it T-shirts!

Also love the tree. I saw the picture on there. Is the tree eventually going to "hold" a lot of pictures?

And the carved stamp from the last post: amazing. I'm impressed, Molly! I didn't know you were so artistic and talented!

The Carters said...

dear molly-
i like the skatboard one. i didn't know you could draw that good. i love your art.