Sunday, April 12, 2009

my amazing memory

Just had to share my wonderful memory blunders from Saturday. Good think I can laugh at myself instead of freak out that I have no memory.


I went on a great run with Ashley and Ian down in Hollister on Saturday morning. Beautiful morning, but I'll post pictures later. About a mile and a half into our run, we passed a cute little white country home on 5 acres for sale. It was adorable, small, and perfect. How had I not noticed it before? I was in love. I always say I don't want to move to Hollister, but I would move there for that little house out on the country road. The minute we got home I looked it up online. WAY too expensive for us. Maybe someone forgot to tell them that the house will never sell at that price. I mentioned it to Christian and he said, "Oh, you mean the house out on Santa Ana Valley? The one I've had my eye on for a year now? The one we drove past not too long ago and you said you really liked?" Nothing. Didn't even ring a bell. I do not remember ever going past that house and talking about the fact that 1) it was for sale, and 2) I liked it. Turns out we've had multiple conversations about it. Would that kind of lost memory scare any of you? I just laughed at myself. I think Christian may be worried for our future. One day I'm going to forget we even got married.


On our way home we stopped by my friend Jayme's parents' house where they were having their annual Easter party. We stood around chatting with Jayme, Greg, Julianne, and Tim. We definitely don't see them enough. While Julianne and Tim were sharing details about their skydiving experience, I chimed in with a story about what happened to my friend who came skydiving with me years back. Here's how the conversation went:

Molly: "When I went, my friend's goggles came off and the guy she was strapped to had to cover her eyes until the parachute was pulled! Sad, huh? I mean, can you imagine having all that air rushing into your eyes?"

Jayme: "Yeah, and having your contacts come out?"

Molly: "Yeah, that would suck."

Jayme: "No, that's what happened. My contacts came out."

Molly: "Oh really?"

Jayme: "Molly! I'M the friend who went skydiving with you! MY goggle came off!"

Let me just tell you. That was pretty embarrassing. I had completely forgotten that Jayme had flown out to Utah for my birthday and gone skydiving with me. In fact, I forgot that Kerri came, too. I couldn't remember who came besides my brother. Isn't that horrible??? There were 6 of us there and all I could remember was my brother! Needless to say, the minute Jayme pointed out that I was telling a story about her in front of her, every detail of the trip (and planning the trip) came rushing back to me. Jayme was laughing at me so hard she was crying. EMBARRASSING! But hilarious. I'm a horrible friend.

Stupid lack of memory.


madichan said...

Oh man, I totally LOL'd at "I think Christian may be worried for our future."

The Carters said...

Molly- that make me laugh hard!

Tamra said...

I have memory stories like that when I'm pregnant. Like a group of us having a conversation about rollercoasters and then I start making a comment about them and I forgot the word "rollercoasters". How do you DO that? They looked at me like I was nuts. ... Good times.