Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lunchtime thoughts

Lunch break!

1. Christian told me that if I blogged about #2 then he would tell everyone about #3. I thought I'd save him the trouble and share both with you.

2. The other day we went and visited Ashley's new adorable puppy, Scout. When it was time to leave, Christian and I chit-chatted as we walked to the car. As I got in, I looked back and saw Christian (who was still talking to me) sitting in the back seat with a very confused look on his face. He immediately let out an embarrassed laugh and jumped back out of the car. Turns out he was concentrating so hard on how to get back to the freeway that he grabbed the nearest door handle and got in, only to realize that he was NOT sitting behind the steering wheel. Looks like I'm rubbing off on him.

3. While watching a show on amazing survival stories, the narrator said, "So-and-so ended up with the worst injuries, breaking 12 of his ribs." I then, true to my open-mouth-before-thinking character, turned to Christian and said, "What? We don't even have 12 ribs!" I'm a very smart person. Really. Christian asked me how many ribs I thought we had, and I said, "What, like 4 on each side?" That didn't sound quite right, so I said, "No, 5 or 6 on each side." Turns out we have 12 on each side. How exactly did I not know that? Seriously. It makes breaking a rib sound like less of a big deal. "No big deal, ma'am. You have 23 more."

4. Yesterday I was walking back from grabbing lunch and two little finches were hopping around on the sidewalk in front of me. As I came closer, they decided to fly away. When they were about 6 inches off the ground they slammed head-on into each other, recovered for a split second in the air and then proceeded to run into each other again before flying away. Serious entertainment right there.

Lunch break over!


Julia said...

you two slay me. :)

Kerri said...

OK, such funny stories, but I have to share this one about Molly from Freshman year....She was going on a date with Skyler who was coming to pick her up. She had to run back in to get something, and after saying goodbye to us again, ran back out and quickly got in the car...only to look over and realize that she had gotten into the WRONG car! The guy sitting next to her was shocked, Molly was slightly embarrassed, and Skyler was behind her laughing his head off. So it looks like Molly married the right guy :)

Molly said...

Kerri--You are so right! That is one of my all-time best stories. That poor guy in the car. He looked so scared that I had just gotten into his car! The best part is that I got in, closed the door, AND put my seatbelt on before realizing it wasn't Skyler! In my defense, Skyler pulled his car ahead and someone else pulled into where he had been waiting.

Ashley C. said...

Hahaha. Poor little birdies. I laugh every time I imagine them! And then I read Kerri's comment and laughed even harder!