Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pot pie

I have a food recommendation! I never have recommendations. But today I'm totally a food guru.

The other week I bought a few different frozen meals from Whole Foods, because I go straight from my job to teaching my night class. It's hard enough to pack a lunch, but packing lunch and dinner is nearly impossible--especially when you don't have any leftovers from the previous night's dinner because there was no previous night's dinner. Are you with me?

So I gave in. I don't like frozen meals, but anything has to be better than fast food on the way to East Palo Alto. I bought a couple different types of pot pies and some cashew chicken and rice dish.

Pot Pie #1: Gross. The crust looked, felt, and tasted like cardboard. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't very good.

Cashew Chicken with Rice: Hmmm. I guess it was ok. Wasn't really in the mood for it.

Pot Pie #2: Oh my gosh! This is good! The crust in flakey, the filling actually tastes like food, and I give it a 10!

I recommend it. You can see about it here. (Pay no attention to the ridiculous amounts of saturated fat and sodium. Tastes good and still beats McDonalds.)


Now I'm reverting back to my knows-nothing-about-food-except-that-I-like-to-eat self.

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Chris said...

great to know. We need some good last minute frozen items. I wonder if it's sold only at Whole Foods?