Monday, March 9, 2009

old western meets UFOs?

I have crazy dreams. Crazy, crazy dreams.

Last night's dream took place in my parents' backyard in Hollister. Night time. War going on? Who knows, but I was holding a rifle and hiding behind a tree across the ditch. My dad rode up on a horse (anything to do with the fact that we saw lots of people riding horses by the lake yesterday?) and I was so excited to see that it was him (after I pointed my rifle at him from behind the tree). Also, the dirt was tilled to the point that it was soft and crumbly. Not sure why that was so important in the dream. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had killed 12 men that night before I met up with my dad. Very old western-ish.

Then a small wave of water came up and surprised us. You know, like it would at the beach. Only the wave came from the property behind us, not from the ditch. After it retreated, I grabbed my camera and phone, delighted to see that the water hadn't damaged them (anything to do with the fact that we were at a lake yesterday? or the fact that Kaylynn recently lost her things to water damage?).

we headed back to the house and as we walked onto the back porch, I noticed a big shape hovering above the ground between our house and the east hills. Like a Star Wars scene (or Star Trek?), it slowly accelerated towards us, then shot off into the sky, only to reappear within seconds and "land" again. So much for the old western. We're talking UFOs now. Sure enough, my dad saw it, too. And every time it took off and landed, we noticed that a structure was growing bigger and bigger and bigger by the second. Pretty soon it was taller than the hills and very much sci-fi.

As we stood there in amazement, a little robot/alien (its head was a little satellite dish) came around the corner of the house and started shooting at us! Like any good shoot-em-up movie, we made it into the house without getting shot. You know, since we're the good guys.

We didn't even have time to call 911 because the firetrucks and police were already in our driveway ready to move into our house as their base. (Could this have anything to do with Kerri's blog post about the firetrucks coming to her house? I think so.)

I wish I could remember the rest of the dream. I should have written it down earlier--it really was a full-length feature. After that we were protecting someone. Maybe she was an alien. But she looked like us. And we were running away from people and hiding her.

Either way, it was like I went to the movies last night. Very entertaining.


Kerri said...

ha ha ha ha...I did notice the comment on my blog came in at about 1:15 more night time adventures for you, young lady...and leftover meatloaf will always do strange things to your dreams.

Molly said...

Kerri, you are hilarious. I wouldn't eat meatloaf if you paid me. Well, yeah--I actually would if you paid me. And was that 1:15am your time?

Tamra said...

That's an awesome dream! I love how random they can be, and yet they seem to make SO MUCH SENSE at the time.