Thursday, March 12, 2009

i love when...

...Christian cleans the house and makes brownies.

...Stanford campus is covered in green grass and wildflowers. comes to visit (Veronica and Savannah will be here in less than an hour!) ESL students laugh at my stupid jokes and tell me I'm a great teacher. family gets together (Loomis was fun, family). nieces and nephews are all together and playing with each other (I have AWESOME nieces and nephews).

...I get text messages from my sisters and mom.

...Richard comes home super excited to tell us stuff.

...Dianna sends me texts about exciting things in her life (like her haircut!).

...I look in the mirror and feel super cute (and then tell Christian how lucky he is).

...I look at Christian and remind myself of how lucky I am.

...I spend way too much time online chatting with Lenessa.

...Denise tells me how important my friendship is to her (she is so sincere and never fails to make me feel loved).

...anyone mentions playing punch-face (usually Jenni!).

...I have a minute to myself to jot down some of the things I love.

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