Friday, March 13, 2009

friday the 13th

Two Friday the 13ths in two months? This is awesome.

Last month I don't think I even noticed it was Friday the 13th. What did I even do that day? Oh yes. We hung out at the primary activity at the church. In other words, I stood around chatting with other teachers/moms while Christian made kids do a ridiculous number of jumping jacks, which of course resulted in squealing laughter and hyper activity. I'm pretty confident Christian could convince kids that eating brussels sprouts dipped in mustard is the coolest thing ever. He's a crazy kid magnet.

But, no, I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th last month. Luckily, I have another shot this month. I like Friday the 13th. It conjures up images of black cats and Halloween, which in turn make me think of Autumn weather and my birthday. So Friday the 13th feels like my birthday? I guess so.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Chances are I will forget it's Friday the 13th by the time I leave work. Oh well.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday to you Molly mundo! Have a great day!

Dana said...

Oops, I guess its not your birthday! I'm dumb sometimes :)

Molly said...

Dana, you are hilarious! I totally thought you were wishing me a fake Happy Birthday!