Monday, March 23, 2009

car troubles

1. Take Passat to mechanic because it seems to be having electrical problems.

2. Mechanic doesn't really find anything wrong. Gives it back. (He really is a good mechanic.)

3. Passat dies two days later.

4. We are so frustrated we leave the Passat sitting in our parking lot for almost 2 weeks. We can survive with one car.

5. Finally decide to jump the Passat using our Acura.

6. Passat is working. We let it run for 15 minutes then Christian drives it to Target.

7. Molly tries to start the Acura. It's dead.

8. Molly calls Christian. Christian is stuck at Target with a dead Passat.

9. Molly wakes up Richard to jump the Acura.

10. The Acura won't start.

11. Give up on the Acura.

12. Richard drives to Target to jump the Passat.

13. The Passat starts.

14. Christian and Richard drive around town so their batteries don't die.

15. Christian comes home, leaves Passat running, and tries to jump Acura.

16. Molly and Christian have a little date eating burgers and fries in the Acura while trying to jump it.

17. Acura never starts.

18. Give up. Eat Gelato. Watch Futurama.


madichan said...

You know what would make this story even awesomer? An interpretative dance.

Julia said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! That totally blows! Great post though. :) blech. Good luck with all of that!!!!!

Ashley said...

I didn't know your passat was having problems--that stinks!!! I hate car problems. They are so inconvenient! Call me if you need a ride. (Though my oil change guy told me I have a nail in my tire today so it will probably be flat tomorrow when Tyler is out of town--bah!)

Kerri said...

i can't believe it!

mj said...

mmmm gelato - that makes it all worth it, doesn't it? :) missed you last night. can i come by tonight to drop something off around 8:00?? or just after?

Amy Carter said...

hopefully it's just the batteries and not something more serious. keep us posted.

Jenni said...

I wish that eating gelato could solve all of life's problems. And I agree with madichan - I want to see an interpretive dance!

mer said...

Oh man! I am so sorry! No fun at all.

We've had multiple VWs in our family and NEVER, EVER, EVER again will I purchase one. They are so cool and so fun, but in the end...nothing but trouble! :(

Anonymous said...

That totally stinks that you've to two unpredictable cars on your hands. Well I guess they're predictable....they die.