Friday, March 20, 2009

blog name (PS-this is Molly)

Ok, so I know I have confused some people by changing my blog name. What is that strange blog popping up in your reader? Oh, that's just me. I'm having identity issues. Can't decide on a name. I've considered going back to Molly's World. While it may have made some of you sing the wretched Elmo song, it never reminded me of it (I don't have kids yet). Molly Mundo just seemed, well, just not right.

And then St. Patrick's Day rolled around. Why yes! Molly Malone! I always liked when my dad would sing that. But just before hitting the "save" button for the name change, I decided that wasn't very original. I'll bet half the Mollys out there have blogs named Molly Malone. Ok, maybe not, but that was my thought at the time.

So then I got to singing--cockles and mussels a-live, a-live, o! Which led to my latest blog name. Granted, Molly Malone dies, but I'm still alive, right? And I love being alive. Alive, alive oh.

But then I sang Molly Malone ALL DAY LONG. ...crying cockles and mussels a-live, a-live o!

Now I have it stuck in my head again--only now I can sing out loud because I'm not sitting in my cubicle. Luckily Christian doesn't know the song, so it's not stuck in his head.

So I got to thinking: Would I rather have the Elmo song stuck in your heads or Molly Malone stuck in my head?


LJ and DC said...

ummm, was your blog name supposed to change in my reader too? Cause I totally don't think it did!

Amy Carter said...

you know, i never thought 'molly's world' fit quite right. i think you need to keep brainstorming for new ideas. i'll try to get my brain to think of something as well.

Ashley C. said...

I don't know the Molly Malone song or the Elmo one so I won't have a problem getting them stuck in my head. Not sure if I like Alive, Alive, Oh, though.