Monday, March 30, 2009

1. I have the attention span of a fly. (Is that even the saying?) I have been sitting here for 3 hours working on a test for my students. I have written a total of 10 sentences. But rest assured I have answered emails, checked facebook, talked to my sister on the phone, texted with my other sister, chatted online with a friend, and made french fries out of parsnips. And now I seem to be blogging. No wonder it takes me forever to finish things.

2. Spiders really should know that if they run around near me they are going to get smashed. When are they ever going to learn?

3. The squirrel walked up to our open door yesterday and put its two front feet on the doorstep. It looked inside, saw the three of us sitting in the living room, considered coming in, and then walked away. I really wish it had come in. I think squirrels are hilarious.

4. In my attempt to eat more vegetables, I cut up parsnips and carrots tonight. Doused them in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then proceeded to bake them (and add more salt) until every possible nutrient had left their poor crisp bodies. Then I ate them like french fries with catsup. I asked Ashley if that was healthy. She said that of course it was! Just as healthy as french fries!

5. I bought a new shirt on Saturday. I wore it to church yesterday. Then I wore it to work today, because I knew I wouldn't see any of the same people. I have no shame.

6. Christian had a soccer game at 6:30 tonight. It ended 2 hours ago and he's still not home. That just means he's out eating pizza with his buddies. Suddenly my parsnip fries sound really healthy. Looks like I won the health contest tonight. Not that we're in a contest, but it's always nice to win so I'll take what I can get.

are the earthquake gods playing a joke on me?

I didn't feel it.

I love earthquakes. Love them. Just a couple minutes ago my coworkers all started saying "Did you feel that?" "Was that an earthquake?" 4.3 magnitude originating in Morgan Hill to be exact.

Now my office is a-buzz with earthquake talk.

I didn't feel it. Grrrrr.

I didn't feel the last one either. I was running around the Foothill College track. It would have been the perfect place to enjoy an earthquake. I would have sat down on the track to feel every little movement. But, alas, I was running and didn't feel it.

Within 2 minutes of today's little quake, I got an IM from Christian and a text from Ashley. Christian felt it in Mountain View. Ashley felt it in San Jose. My building shakes when someone wheels a cart down the hall. It always feels like there's an earthquake going on here.

And yet when a real earthquake hits, I feel nothing.

Is someone playing a joke on me? Can we have a little 5.0-er right now so I can feel it? Please?

I'm going to comfort myself by eating a super sour orange from my parents' house in Hollister. Yep. I feel better now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

have you eaten your vegetables?

Every week in my ESL class we have a health lesson. Our lesson today started with a simple word search activity. They had to find the names of vegetables.


After they found all the words, I asked them to mark the vegetables they have eaten since the start of this week. And then I made the mistake of joining them in this activity and marking the vegetables I had eaten.

Two... 2... Dos... As in one less than three...

Every one of the students in my group had eaten at least 7 of the vegetables listed. AT LEAST.

Talk about a wake-up call. It actually made me feel really gross. What have I eaten this week? Bread? Check. Pasta? Check. Bagels? Check. Cereal, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, tamales, fruit (ding, ding, ding!), yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter and jelly, milkshake? Check, check, check, check, check. This is really embarrassing.

This is even more embarrassing. (Seriously--I can't believe I'm actually writing this post.) Want to know what vegetables I've had this week? Lettuce and tomatoes... on a BLT. Gross.

So when I got home tonight (at 9pm), I made myself kale with sauteed mushrooms, fennel, green garlic, and a tiny bit of sausage (it was sitting on the counter already cooked and I couldn't help myself). The beets are currently boiling and I will enjoy them the minute they are done.

So tell me--How many kinds of vegetables have you eaten so far this week?

back in the saddle?

I'm in a running slump. My last race was at the beginning of December (I accompanied Lindsey and Kathy for the last half of their marathon). I know 3 months without a race really isn't that long. But it has also meant 3 months without consistent running.

Why? I firmly believe I haven't been running because I haven't had any races pressuring me to run. If I have a race, I will train for it. Maybe not as hard as I should, but I will train.

So I did it. I signed up for another race.

See Jane Run Half Marathon----HERE I COME!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

molly the mechanic

Today proved to be quite the lovely day. And I'm not being sarcastic.

While jumping our cars yesterday, we noticed that one of terminals on the Passat had badly corroded. Seriously--it was like we had grown our own salt crystal garden.

In order to save ourselves a trip to our VW mechanic in San Mateo, we decided to attack the corrosion and see if that helped. Which means I got to take a lovely walk to the auto parts store to get a wire brush. If you're in the Bay Area and haven't gone outside yet today, I highly recommend it. The sun was warm and it was the perfect weather for a walk.

When I got home with my nifty wire brush tool, Christian realized he already had one somewhere. So I guess my walk to the parts store wasn't exactly productive, but it sure was nice.

I played mechanic outside (did I mention I got to spend a lot of time outside today???) and figured out how to get the battery out of our car (I was the brains, Christian was the brute strength when I could get his help between his incessant tech calls). Then we scrubbed and brushed and baking-soda'd up a storm. Do you think it's good to breathe in corrosion dust? I'm pretty sure it isn't.

We put the car back together and thus far the Passat is working just fine. Knock on wood.

As for the Acura, I called a mechanic, called a tow truck, and had the car towed to the mechanic, who called us within 15 minutes of receiving the car. "Do you have the alarm key?" Hmmm. Let's backtrack.

Last time the Acura died and we jumped it, it set off the "disarmed" alarm. We do not have a key to turn off the alarm and the sound was quite annoying. So what did Christian do? He ripped out the alarm horn. Peace and quiet. Problem solved.

Or not.

It turns out every time you jump start the car, it resets all the electrical settings, which resets the alarm, which you have to turn off with a key that we don't have. And whenever the alarm tries to run, it drains the battery, which is on its last legs and was practically in its coffin already. Do you see the downward spiral?

So there we were jumping a low-quality dead battery that was trying to start an alarm instead of the car. At least we now know why all the lights in the car would flash for a few minutes after trying to jump start the car. All that was missing was the alarm's voice box.

Final remedy? Rip out the entire alarm system. Add a new battery. And we're be good to go. Thanks, mechanic.

I made it to work fantastically late (try 3pm), but all in all it was a pretty fun day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

car troubles

1. Take Passat to mechanic because it seems to be having electrical problems.

2. Mechanic doesn't really find anything wrong. Gives it back. (He really is a good mechanic.)

3. Passat dies two days later.

4. We are so frustrated we leave the Passat sitting in our parking lot for almost 2 weeks. We can survive with one car.

5. Finally decide to jump the Passat using our Acura.

6. Passat is working. We let it run for 15 minutes then Christian drives it to Target.

7. Molly tries to start the Acura. It's dead.

8. Molly calls Christian. Christian is stuck at Target with a dead Passat.

9. Molly wakes up Richard to jump the Acura.

10. The Acura won't start.

11. Give up on the Acura.

12. Richard drives to Target to jump the Passat.

13. The Passat starts.

14. Christian and Richard drive around town so their batteries don't die.

15. Christian comes home, leaves Passat running, and tries to jump Acura.

16. Molly and Christian have a little date eating burgers and fries in the Acura while trying to jump it.

17. Acura never starts.

18. Give up. Eat Gelato. Watch Futurama.

Friday, March 20, 2009

blog name (PS-this is Molly)

Ok, so I know I have confused some people by changing my blog name. What is that strange blog popping up in your reader? Oh, that's just me. I'm having identity issues. Can't decide on a name. I've considered going back to Molly's World. While it may have made some of you sing the wretched Elmo song, it never reminded me of it (I don't have kids yet). Molly Mundo just seemed, well, just not right.

And then St. Patrick's Day rolled around. Why yes! Molly Malone! I always liked when my dad would sing that. But just before hitting the "save" button for the name change, I decided that wasn't very original. I'll bet half the Mollys out there have blogs named Molly Malone. Ok, maybe not, but that was my thought at the time.

So then I got to singing--cockles and mussels a-live, a-live, o! Which led to my latest blog name. Granted, Molly Malone dies, but I'm still alive, right? And I love being alive. Alive, alive oh.

But then I sang Molly Malone ALL DAY LONG. ...crying cockles and mussels a-live, a-live o!

Now I have it stuck in my head again--only now I can sing out loud because I'm not sitting in my cubicle. Luckily Christian doesn't know the song, so it's not stuck in his head.

So I got to thinking: Would I rather have the Elmo song stuck in your heads or Molly Malone stuck in my head?

catch-up, picture style.

I'm so behind on my blogging about what we've been up to. So I'm catching up. With pictures. We have had a very busy and very fun 3 weeks.

Tahoe with Lenessa, David, Denise, Scott, Riley, and Richard:

Loomis for Camden's play:

Veronica and Savannah's visit:

Richard in the Stake Play:

Springtime in my garden:

Sunset walk with Christian on the Steven's Creek Trail:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kiss me, i'm scottish

Molly is Irish for Mary. Sure, I'm Irish. At least I think I am. A little. So Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By the way, I love my name. Not just "like," but "love." Love, love, love. Parents, thank you so much for naming me Molly.

And I like to tell people I'm Mexican, because they don't usually believe me. But it's true--I'm 1/8 Mexican. I used to love looking at the portrait of my great great (great?) grandparents that hung on my Grandma Adrian's wall. Ignacia and Pedro Espejo.

But I'm equally proud of my Scottish heritage. My grandma's maiden name is MacTavish. And I think that's the coolest thing. Go ahead--say it out loud. MacTavish. Now say it with a Scottish accent. Yep. You're jealous. I think I need to go to Scotland some day. Anyone want to go with me?

So kiss me--I'm Irish, Scottish, Mexican, English, German, and probably a ton of other things. But don't pinch me--I'm wearing green today.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have temporarily changed the name of my blog. One of my friends commented that the Molly's World title always left her singing Elmo's World in her head. While I love Sesame Street, I really can't stand Elmo. He is the only one who bugs me. So I'd rather not subject my readers to thoughts of Elmo songs.

Molly-Mundo is a temporary substitution until I can think of something more interesting. For now it makes me think of "Telemundo!" which is of course better than Elmo...

friday the 13th

Two Friday the 13ths in two months? This is awesome.

Last month I don't think I even noticed it was Friday the 13th. What did I even do that day? Oh yes. We hung out at the primary activity at the church. In other words, I stood around chatting with other teachers/moms while Christian made kids do a ridiculous number of jumping jacks, which of course resulted in squealing laughter and hyper activity. I'm pretty confident Christian could convince kids that eating brussels sprouts dipped in mustard is the coolest thing ever. He's a crazy kid magnet.

But, no, I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th last month. Luckily, I have another shot this month. I like Friday the 13th. It conjures up images of black cats and Halloween, which in turn make me think of Autumn weather and my birthday. So Friday the 13th feels like my birthday? I guess so.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Chances are I will forget it's Friday the 13th by the time I leave work. Oh well.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i love when...

...Christian cleans the house and makes brownies.

...Stanford campus is covered in green grass and wildflowers. comes to visit (Veronica and Savannah will be here in less than an hour!) ESL students laugh at my stupid jokes and tell me I'm a great teacher. family gets together (Loomis was fun, family). nieces and nephews are all together and playing with each other (I have AWESOME nieces and nephews).

...I get text messages from my sisters and mom.

...Richard comes home super excited to tell us stuff.

...Dianna sends me texts about exciting things in her life (like her haircut!).

...I look in the mirror and feel super cute (and then tell Christian how lucky he is).

...I look at Christian and remind myself of how lucky I am.

...I spend way too much time online chatting with Lenessa.

...Denise tells me how important my friendship is to her (she is so sincere and never fails to make me feel loved).

...anyone mentions playing punch-face (usually Jenni!).

...I have a minute to myself to jot down some of the things I love.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pot pie

I have a food recommendation! I never have recommendations. But today I'm totally a food guru.

The other week I bought a few different frozen meals from Whole Foods, because I go straight from my job to teaching my night class. It's hard enough to pack a lunch, but packing lunch and dinner is nearly impossible--especially when you don't have any leftovers from the previous night's dinner because there was no previous night's dinner. Are you with me?

So I gave in. I don't like frozen meals, but anything has to be better than fast food on the way to East Palo Alto. I bought a couple different types of pot pies and some cashew chicken and rice dish.

Pot Pie #1: Gross. The crust looked, felt, and tasted like cardboard. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't very good.

Cashew Chicken with Rice: Hmmm. I guess it was ok. Wasn't really in the mood for it.

Pot Pie #2: Oh my gosh! This is good! The crust in flakey, the filling actually tastes like food, and I give it a 10!

I recommend it. You can see about it here. (Pay no attention to the ridiculous amounts of saturated fat and sodium. Tastes good and still beats McDonalds.)


Now I'm reverting back to my knows-nothing-about-food-except-that-I-like-to-eat self.

Monday, March 9, 2009

old western meets UFOs?

I have crazy dreams. Crazy, crazy dreams.

Last night's dream took place in my parents' backyard in Hollister. Night time. War going on? Who knows, but I was holding a rifle and hiding behind a tree across the ditch. My dad rode up on a horse (anything to do with the fact that we saw lots of people riding horses by the lake yesterday?) and I was so excited to see that it was him (after I pointed my rifle at him from behind the tree). Also, the dirt was tilled to the point that it was soft and crumbly. Not sure why that was so important in the dream. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had killed 12 men that night before I met up with my dad. Very old western-ish.

Then a small wave of water came up and surprised us. You know, like it would at the beach. Only the wave came from the property behind us, not from the ditch. After it retreated, I grabbed my camera and phone, delighted to see that the water hadn't damaged them (anything to do with the fact that we were at a lake yesterday? or the fact that Kaylynn recently lost her things to water damage?).

we headed back to the house and as we walked onto the back porch, I noticed a big shape hovering above the ground between our house and the east hills. Like a Star Wars scene (or Star Trek?), it slowly accelerated towards us, then shot off into the sky, only to reappear within seconds and "land" again. So much for the old western. We're talking UFOs now. Sure enough, my dad saw it, too. And every time it took off and landed, we noticed that a structure was growing bigger and bigger and bigger by the second. Pretty soon it was taller than the hills and very much sci-fi.

As we stood there in amazement, a little robot/alien (its head was a little satellite dish) came around the corner of the house and started shooting at us! Like any good shoot-em-up movie, we made it into the house without getting shot. You know, since we're the good guys.

We didn't even have time to call 911 because the firetrucks and police were already in our driveway ready to move into our house as their base. (Could this have anything to do with Kerri's blog post about the firetrucks coming to her house? I think so.)

I wish I could remember the rest of the dream. I should have written it down earlier--it really was a full-length feature. After that we were protecting someone. Maybe she was an alien. But she looked like us. And we were running away from people and hiding her.

Either way, it was like I went to the movies last night. Very entertaining.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

medical students

A medical student just talked to me about my acne. I did not bring up the subject. Luckily I don't get awkward about those things. (Yeah, I'm 27 and have red spots on my face. I know.) But seriously. That is so weird. I know you're going to be a doctor, but you aren't my doctor and I didn't ask for a consultation. Nice student, strange unsolicited conversation.

Did I mention I love working at a medical school?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

updating my blog

Julie said it has been too long since I've updated my blog. Julie--this one's for you, baby.

Hmmm. What to talk about? Well we went snowboarding this past weekend. It was nice and relaxing. I'll post about it when I have time to upload the pictures. Christian rode a box. Richard kind of did. Did Scott? I can't remember And DC, well, broke his boob on one. (By the way--skiers look so proper when they jump! So graceful. Graceful DC.) More to come on that subject.

Do you ever wonder if coworkers can tell when you're incredibly annoyed with them? I hope not, because I'm not very good at hiding my emotions. I may not be rolling my eyes, but it's probably written all over my face. That is, if I'm even looking at them. Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you look at your computer and NOT at the person standing at your cubicle, some people just don't get the hint that you're not interested in chatting? I can write about this here, because I'm positive the person (people?) I'm writing about has (have) never been on this blog and will never find this blog. If you have found me on this blog, I'm not writing about you--seriously.

Is it a bad sign when you have clean laundry all over the floor of your bedroom and you are so used to it being there that you just walk all over it? Because I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign. A bad sign of what? Maybe laziness. Maybe being too busy. Maybe that I am a bad spouse and just think Christian will fold it all if it sits there long enough? Anybody want to come fold all our laundry? I'll make you cookies. Or maybe I'll just buy you cookies.

Yep. That's about how riveting my life is right now. Ok, OFF TO MY ESL CLASS!!