Monday, February 23, 2009

You know how you can swing a closed compact umbrella and make it shoot out towards someone? Did that explanation make sense? You know, fake them out by swinging it at them and the wrapped up part of the umbrella goes "click" "click" to it's fully extended position and then stops a foot from their face? You know, just to make them flinch?


And have you ever had the end of the umbrella actually come off and hit the person?

No? Me neither. Until last night. My poor husband.

He agreed to go on a walk with me in the rain. So as he was getting ready, I swung my umbrella towards him and said "pow!" Only much to my surprise, it went "click" "click" and then the entire end of the umbrella went flying off and pelted him right in the chest.

I am soooooo lucky it didn't hit him in the face.

And I am sooooo lucky he still went on a walk with me.

But I guess it kind of makes up for him elbowing me in the nose. Eh?

(PS--If you haven't jumped in puddles recently, I highly recommend it.)

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Kerri said...

you two are a great couple! i love the fun you have. you seem so much like good friends than "the guy i'm married too"