Monday, February 16, 2009

spare room

We have a spare room.

When Dianna moved out, we were left with a spare room. I was adamant about it NOT turning into a dumping room. If it were just the two of us, we would still be living in a one-bedroom apartment. So we should only have enough stuff to fill a one-bedroom apartment. Anything beyond that is unnecessary.

So I refused to put anything in there. The room was for the spare bed and our bikes ONLY.

In an effort to keep that room junk free, the rest of our place housed our junk. Cake stands stacked on the kitchen table. Bike accessories lumped into corners in the laundry room. Piles of who-knows-what the living room. It was never ending. I just could not keep everything organized. And all the while there was a perfectly clean and organized room in our house--THAT WAS NEVER USED.

Enough was enough. Why would I allow our precious living space to be cluttered while an unused room in our home remained perfectly clean. So I gave in. Need to clean the living room? Throw everything in the spare room. Not sure what it's for? Throw it in the spare room. Don't know where to put it? Throw it in the spare room. Inherited a couple bags of fabric? Throw them in the spare room. Need space for a Christmas tree? Move the living room chair into the spare room. Can't find the hammer? It's probably buried in the spare room.

And so it went.

Until today.

You couldn't walk into the spare room. In fact, you couldn't even open the door completely. It was time to do some serious organizing. If you think I'm exaggerating that there was zero floor space, just know that for the first 5 minutes I was in there, I was standing on an old rusty saw and didn't even notice.

I sorted, I organized, I rearranged, I made lists. I didn't do much purging, because we only put things in that room that we planned on keeping.

And I'm proud to announce that my crafts are all safely sleeping in a basket all together, our bike accessories are hanging out with their own kind in the closet, our tools are awaiting their new home on a shelf in the laundry room, and our unused picture frames are nestled neatly under the bed.

The bed is made, the floor is clear, I'm exhausted, and right about now I'm wishing I had taken a "before" shot.


Julia said...

awesome molly. i'm wishing you'd taken a before shot too.

organizing is AMAZING. gonna do some of it myself. :) thanks for the inspiration.

Chris said...

Wow! For some reason I didn't think you still had the extra bed. With such an enviting room, I'll be sleeping over more frequently. Love it.

Veronica Cleverly said...

You know you really got this room ready for when i come to visit.