Saturday, February 7, 2009

naked trees

I love green. Green plants, green hills, and especially new green growth on deciduous trees. Which means I'm not usually a huge fan of brown, dead winter. But this winter was a different story. I can't get enough of all the naked trees around. (I'm sure there's a better term for this. Dormant?) I'm slightly obsessed. In fact, there are these trees with great tiny cups (no idea what to call them) on their naked branches and I'm dying to get a picture of them. Problem is the trees are lining the left-hand turn lane on my way to work. And without fail, either the light is green or I've forgotten my camera at home. Maybe it's not meant to be.

So I've been snapping photos of my favorite naked trees. Snapping=completely unprofessional. But I thought I'd share my latest love with you:

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Ashley C. said...

Too many people overlook "naked trees" (or deciduous if you want to get technical). Leaves are only half the beauty. I'm glad you like them.