Thursday, February 19, 2009

looong night

Last night was a rough night. I woke up so many times--and I'm one of those people who normally sleeps with no problem. But, no. Not last night.

I woke up a couple times with a stomach ache. What? A stomach ache in the middle of the night? Not nice.

I woke up when Christian came home from soccer.

I woke up to pee. Maybe twice. I can't remember. I just couldn't resist that BIG glass of water right before bed. I knew I shouldn't, but what's a girl to do when she's thirsty?

And I woke up when Christian cracked me right smack in the nose with his elbow. Talk about a rude awakening. I was very happy that it didn't start bleeding. Christian apologized profusely but didn't remember a thing in the morning. My nose remembers.

Sheesh. Let's hope tonight is less brutal.


Julia said...

and you worked so hard to go to bed early. bummer.

mj said...

and i STILL saw you stretching on the corner AFTER your run with dyan this morning. way to go! you guys were hot, by the way.

Molly said...

Well I couldn't ditch her! She'd be all alone! We just ran slow. :) And yes, we did look hot. We even got a honk. Oh wait, that was you. Hahaha.

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

You know what that post makes me think of?! With a stomach ache and needing to pee. Am I way off?

Molly said...

Ella - Yes. :)

Molly said...

Wait. I just re-read that. Yes, as in yes you're way off.