Friday, February 6, 2009

friday friday friday

1. Haven't been so great at blogging. Sorry. But I have a great post coming about our neighborhood squirrels, you know, since you're dying to hear all about them. But just as a teaser, it has to do with pumpkin and pee on a window. I know. I have you on the edge of your seat.

2. Yesterday Christian bought me my very own bag of crunchy Cheetos. What a sweetie. Not that I eat Cheetos much, but I certainly prefer crunchy to puffed. I mean, who wants to eat styrofoam? So he got me my own bag of crunchy. He's a keeper.

3. Then this morning my hair wasn't cooperating, and Christian suggested I hold back this certain piece of hair with a bobby pin. Voila. Suddenly my hair looked just fine. Did I mention he's a keeper?

4. As if granting me with Cheetos and a good hair day wasn't enough, he made me lunch this morning, too! He says it's because he's tired of me leaving the house so late every morning. I told him I didn't believe it and that it was just because he loves me so much. Although he did send me with an entire bag of croutons. I was pretty confused about what to do with an entire bag of croutons, but I asked him when I got home and he said they were just to keep at my desk for my salads. I was pretty relieved, because I really thought he expected me to just eat a whole bag of croutons in one sitting. Definitely still a keeper.

5. Richard got 103/100 on his Geometry test!!! Richard--You are awesome. And I could say whatever I wanted on here (like that we would give him $100 just for getting an A+ on a test--ok, we would never actually do that), but we know that he isn't a blog reader. So he'll never see this. But the rest of blogland can be excited for him!

6. Going out to dinner at Chevy's tonight. Just so Christian can use his coupon. I mean, who wouldn't want an entree for $3.99? Honestly, I just want a big fat dessert. Mmmmmm. Big fat dessert.


Jenni said...

Typically I prefer crunchy Cheetos to the puffs. But, have you tried the White Cheddar flavor? They only have white cheddar in the puffs, but man, are they tasty!

thebakerbook said...

We use those Chevys coupons twice a month. Great deal!