Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wii shmee

Wii got a Wii. No, Christian and Richard got a Wii (and they ever-so-kindly told me that I could borrow their controllers if I really needed to).

Christian has been looking for an excuse to spend his allowance on a Wii for a looong time. When Richard's report card came (A, B+, B, B-, C, and enough graduation credits accounted for that he is no longer behind), Christian decided that was reason enough. So they went on a shopping spree.

The Wii had only been in our house a matter of hours before I convinced Richard to get out his old-school nintendo so that I could play Super Mario Brothers 3. It's the only game I can play. Scratch that. The only game I could play. Scratch that, too. I really only played it at our cousins' house in Oregon using the Game Genie and flying through the levels.

I don't think either of them really understood the degree to which I suck at video games. I think it was hurting them to the very core to watch me die over and over (and over and over) without even getting halfway to the castle in the first level (or world or whatever they are called). And they gave up saying things like "If you do such-and-such you can get an extra such-and-such" after I assured them for the millionth time that I wasn't interested in extra stuff. All I wanted to do was jump over the little mushroom guy without dying! I am bad. Bad. Video games really aren't my thing.

So while it is fun to kick Christian's butt at Wii boxing and hurt my arm playing Wii tennis, I can't really say I'm necessarily ecstatic about having a Wii. Oh wait. I don't have a Wii. Christian and Richard do.

And since I really have absolutely nothing else on my mind to share with all you blog friends, I'll leave you with some super cute pictures. That's all people really want anyway. Here is my cute husband minus anywhere from 23-28 years.


Carbonneau said...

The favorite games around our house (right now) for the Wii are Mario Kart and Rock Band. A close tie for those would be Mario and Sonic Olympics! You should try that one, it's fun, and depending on how competitive you get, your arms can get a real work out! If you want a good laugh, hoola hoop on wii fit. :)
I love that anyone can play the wii, my boys love it!

Julia said...

girl, i'm not all that excited about the wii either. i'm pretty sure i have the attention span of a fly when it comes to video games.

super cute pics. super dang cute.

LJ and DC said...

Oooh I love these pics and I hate video games. The boys in my house cut a deal to get an x-box for movies and Rock Band only. Now I want Mario Cart for the Wii. That's as far as I go. I supremly suck at video games, but I also have video game addiction issues. So you'd think I'd get a little better, not so much!

webster said...

love the skates!!

Ashley C. said...

Jose and my old roommates are all into the crazy complicated Play Station games and when I play I can't even figure out how to make the people walk or even turn around, let alone shoot scary monsters and complete missins! I'm horrible. I blame it on growing up in a house that never owned any sort of video games!

Veronica Cleverly said...

My brother was too cute!!