Sunday, January 18, 2009

saturday birthday parties

Birthday party #1: 1 year old

We love Jacob and Nicole. And little Jared is adorable. Adorable! He did a great job of giving himself a chocolate frosting beard. And it was 70-degree weather in January, so they had the party outside. We were all in t-shirts and loving it.

Birthday party #2: 95 years old

Grandma Bernice turned 95th! Ever seen 95 candles on a cake? It took 4 people to light them all. And Grandma blew them all out. We love her, too. My mom put out lots of pictures of Grandma, so I snapped pictures of some of my favorites.

Bernie's first car.

With Uncle Bud.

In silly costumes.

Grandma Bernice and Uncle Norm (our grandpa--"uncle" was a nickname) met ice skating. They did partner (ballroom) ice skating.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!


Ashley said...

That was a cute video! I can't believe how much windpower she had to blow those out! I also can't believe how skinny she was in all those pictures.

Ashley C. said...

I loved looking at that photo album with her! The picture of her in the pool is so cute!

Amy Carter said...

that's so nice, molly. i had no idea you were taking a video. it's pretty funny. i was afraid she was going to pass out at the end.

Tamra said...

She is so beautiful! 95. Wow. Loved the pictures. Thanks for posting them!

Chris said...

Thanks for this post, Molly. I never tire of looking at photos of mom in her younger years. It sure adds perspective to our life's experiences, doesn't it.

the keele's said...

i wonder if she wore harlick ice skates. thats my families business for mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaannnnnyyy years now!!! sorry i am a blog stalker! haha


Bonnie said...

Wow... she's got another 95 years in her from the looks of it! Thanks for sharing such a special moment - go Grandma Bernice! What amazing photos, too. No... better said ... What an amazing LIFE!