Friday, January 2, 2009

RIP gracie and young blood

The holidays have been hard on our pets. And very sad for us.

A couple days after we found Herbie and put him back in his home, we found Gracie dead. Maybe she didn't miss him as much as we thought. We're trying to convince ourselves that Herbie didn't kill her, but let's just say we are very very mad at him right now. In fact, his temporary name is "jerk" around these parts. And we are very sad Gracie is gone. I waited to post about it since she was the star of our blog Christmas card, and I thought I'd let her have her fame before announcing her passing. RIP, Gracie.

And tonight we lost Young Blood. Young Blood was our beloved (and oldest) betta fish. We adopted him at Scott and Denise's wedding--June 18, 2005. He lived with us in 3 different apartments and survived 2 other bettas. He was always excited to see us, knew the difference between fighting with us through the side of his bowl and begging for food at the top of the bowl. He was our hungry hungry hippo. Always jumped for his food. Sometimes nipped at our fingers. Such a rebel.

In honor of his passing, Christian rearranged our blocks.

I am very very sad.


Julia said...

it's amazing how attached we get to our little suckers, huh? i'm sorry moll.

Molly said...

Julia--I'm proud of you for even getting past that fish picture to the comment link. ;) As I was posting the picture, I thought to myself that Young Blood's crazy eye would probably freak you out. Hahaha. Thanks!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so sad. I am still sad about pets I've had. I hope you can cope!

Kristen said...

Oh no! Poor Gracie and Young Blood. Poor Molly. I'm so sad for you! Our betta (Sgt. Pepper) died right before we moved and I was very upset. Maybe he and Young Blood will meet in heaven and become friends. :)

mer said...

Sad! It's always so tragic when pets die! :(