Friday, January 23, 2009


It just occurred to me that I painted a big tree on my wall right where I was planning to put a big mirror (the big mirror that has been stashed behind my brother's shed for way too long). Oops. Well now where am I going to put the mirror? That's what I get for doing impromptu art projects.


webster said...

i want to see a picture of the painted wall with the tree

Ashley said...

Ditto to Webster! And I have no idea if that mirror is still behind our shed. If it is, I shudder to imagine the condition it is in! You are probably better off with the tree.

Chris said...

that mirror actually crossed my mind just the other night, and I said to myself "wasn't the mirror going where Molly painted the tree?" This is a case for thinking outside the box. You'll find the perfect spot.