Thursday, January 8, 2009

i love girl friends

Tonight I went to a baby shower for my friend Aubrey. Very fun. Her baby theme is pirates. Seriously, does it get any cooler than that? Arrrrr! It was great to see a bunch of girls I rarely see. I really do know so many marvelous people.

On our way out to our cars, a few of us proceeded to--in true female fashion--stand around chatting. And we talked. And laughed. And told stories. And laughed some more. In 45-degree weather. That may not sound very cold to some of you cold-climate dwellers, but we stood there talking for over an hour. My fingers are frozen. My toes are frozen. In fact, even my inner ears hurt (not good). But it was so worth it.

I love my girl friends.

This year I will be brave. This year I will pick up the phone and call my friends to hang out. This year I will be the one to initiate getting together. This year I will not take my friends for granted. Enough wishing I hung out with them more. This year I will hang out with them more.


brooklyn said...

it was so good to catch up, numb toes and all. i have the same new years resolution. last year was the year of deflating friendships for me. hasta pronto!

LJ and DC said...

Dear Molls, yes, let's hang out more in person. Not that your virtual company isn't much appreciated too. Did you finish your tee shirt?

Kerri said...

so you were even in my dream two nights ago--some of my friends from here and i went out of town to some resort, and in walked christian and 2 of his and your friends were there the same time. so we met up, combined friends, and had such a fun time! i even said, "holley's here, too!" now, that's a group

Kerri said...

...i would LOVE for us to get together again!