Saturday, January 3, 2009

i am a tree hugger

Here I am--hugging a tree. Or rather, hugging the branches of a tree, which is now a house plant.

But let me start at the beginning. Late one afternoon, Christian, Richard, and I drove up into the Santa Cruz Mountains in search of a Christmas tree. We missed getting into our usual farm by a couple seconds. And I mean that quite literally--the guy locked the gate right in front of us, glared at us for a moment (yes, glared), and walked away. Thanks, man. So we drove on in the fog until we found another farm. The guy said we had 10 minutes to find a tree, so off we went. Richard and Christian were in search of their "equal opportunity tree" (as in--every tree should have an equal opportunity to be in someone's living room). This was the tree they had their hearts set on for this year, but luckily for me we didn't make it to that farm in time.

After searching and searching for the perfect tree, I convinced them that this tree was half what they wanted (missing branches on the entire bottom back half) and half what I wanted (gorgeous).

So we brought it home and fed it according to Kaylynn's fool-proof Christmas tree instructions. And other than having to anchor it to the wall so it would actually stand up, it was perfect.

So perfect that it never lost needles. It never had any sap anywhere on it. It never dried out. And I never wanted to take it down. Even so, today is January 3rd and I figured it was time for it to go. But after wrestling with the tree to take all the ornaments and lights off, we noticed it still barely dropped any needles. It is alive and thriving. I just could not bear to throw it in a dumpster. As I started cutting off some of the bottom branches, I noticed the tree was so alive it was actually soft (hence the picture of me hugging the branches at the top of this post).

So I made a decision. The tree would stay. I hacked off all the bottom branches and now it is a gorgeous house tree in our living room. I can't get enough of it. I love the long lean trunk. And I love how clean and natural it looks without all the ornaments and lights cluttering its branches. So until it dries out, we have a house tree.

Who needs a yard when you can have a garden inside?


Julia said...

uhmazing. kaylynn is in big trouble with me now, though. i need the SECRET! molly you always have such an amazing eye for cool stuff ... like leaving a naked christmas tree in your house. it looks uhmazing.

webster said...

looks good...aren't you creative!