Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'd love you forever

It's about time Christian found a full time job (you know, one with benefits where you don't spend all your money on the merchandise you're supposed to be selling). So we talked about setting a goal for the number of applications he needed to send out per week.

Tonight he sat down with Graham and started looking. {Graham is a big help.}

First up? Full time position with Coca Cola in Fortaleza, Brazil. Awesome.

Molly: "If you got a position with Coca Cola in Fortaleza, I would love you forever."

You know, as if I wouldn't otherwise.

{I think my mom would stand in front of the airplane in order to keep us from moving to another country...}

Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas blunder

Conversation between Christian and me circa 2 minutes ago:

Christian: I actually really really like one of the sweaters I got you.

Molly: You just told me you got me a sweater.

Christian: CRAP!

Molly: Wait. I have to blog about this.

Christian: Noooo!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's good to be king

Graham and I had an impromptu photo session this morning--inspired by the pad of paper he happened to be lying on...

making it look easy

{This is a really looong post. I got to typing and just kept going. Feel free to not read it. It's long.}

My friend, Nicole, pointed out that I "make new motherhood sound easy" on my blog. I
ll admit. It has been rather easy for us, but not all fun and games. Perhaps I should clarify.

Being a mother to Baby G is easy. He is a very good baby. He eats. He sleeps. He smiles. He cries (sometimes). He spits up (all the time). He poops and pees. He is a very mellow baby and is usually quite content. This week he discovered his lungs and complains a bit more, but he isn't fooling me. I know he's an easy baby.

I do have to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to feed him. He likes to go 3 or 4 (or lately 5 or 6!) hours between feedings when he first goes down for the night. Then around 4am he decides he should wake up every 2 hours. That's not as fun, but I don't hold it against him!

I guess waking up at night is what you make of it. I'm one of those people who is awake as soon as I stand up and asleep as soon as I lie down, and I am so grateful for that. I like to tell myself that if I can piece together enough sleep throughout the night, then I have no reason to be tired. I like to wake up in the morning and think, "Well, I slept from 11 to 1:30 (2.5 hours), from 2 to 4:30 (2.5 hours), from 5 to 7 (2 hours). That adds up to 7 hours. I'm fine." When he was first born, I'd do the same thing only I'd be sure to go to sleep around 8:30pm and stay in bed until 10 or 11am in order to add up enough hours.

Yes. I am lucky to have a baby who sleeps, even if it's only for 2 hours at a time. I know I am lucky. My heart goes out to all of you with babies who stay up and cry all night.

Now let's switch gears for a minute. Let's talk about me. My body has not been quite so nice.

* For 3 weeks breastfeeding hurt so so badly. Only the other moms out there really understand this pain...

* The day after breastfeeding stopped hurting, my skin started itching. You've already read about that. It has been 5 weeks and it still itches.

* A couple weeks ago, I started feeling like I was going to pee my pants. You don't really want to know that, but I'm being honest about postpartum life here. It lasted a couple days, doctors had no answers for me, and then it went away. Came back again. Went away. Please stay away...

* All my friends told me their stitches (from tearing or episiotomies) stopped hurting after 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks. At 6-weeks I couldn't stand for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time before I hurt so bad I had to lie down. Turns out I hadn't healed correctly and it took another week for the doctor to properly fix me. I feel fine now...

* A couple days ago my throat started to hurt. A day later I was exhausted. Then I got really weak and had a headache. Woke up during the night sweating and with a fever. Paranoid I was getting the flu. I feel better now. Throat still hurts...

To make a (very) long story short, my body has thrown one thing after another at me. My body has not had a normal day since I came home from the hospital, but I'm fine. I guess I don't mind that much. I have a beautiful baby. If my body wants to give me hell, I can handle it.

So motherhood isn't all fun and games, but I love it. Perhaps it's all in the attitude. Of course, it helps when your baby is an angel...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

all i want for christmas

All I want for Christmas is for my body to be normal again. Enough with the blasted itching!!

But since that isn't happening any time soon, I've come up with some other things. This isn't my real Christmas list. Just things I felt like putting on my blog.

These boots.

Yes, they are labeled "wide calf." I have wide calves. Even when I'm at my skinniest, my calves measure just over 15 inches around. They could beat you up. Go measure yours. You'll be surprised at how normal your calves are.

Standard knee-length boots say they measure 15 inches around, and I can never zip them up. Have you every tried to squish calf muscle/fat into a boot? It's called calf muffin top. Not pretty.

I've never purchased a pair of wide-calf boots. These boast a 17-inch calf. That means I could actually wear them over jeans. Oh wait, didn't I used to make fun of that ridiculous style? Whatever. I'm giving in. But you won't ever catch me wearing boots with fur over jeans. No siree.

These boots fit my criteria, too. I know that the current style is slouchy or pointy or or riding boot or ugly-victorian-style-ankle-boots (Now you know the truth--I don't like those). But these are pretty much what I have been looking for for a long, long time. Minus the little bit of wedge heel, but what can you do?

Will I get them? Probably not. $160 is a bit over my price range right now. May sound like pocket change to those of you who do a lot of shopping, but we just don't spend a lot on clothes. We'll see.

This frame from Pottery Barn Kids.

Did you know that I had never been in a Pottery Barn Kids before last night? I guess I never had a reason to. And I will probably never go there again. I can't stand looking at ridiculously cute stuff that's out of my price range. Dangerous. Dangerous. But the frame is adorable. So plain and simple. Graham, I might just have to get this for you...

Speaking of Baby G, has it been a while since I've posted a picture of him? Well here you go. A couple shots I took on my phone this morning.

{Yes, this took me more then a half hour to write. Christian isn't here to slap my hand...}

Saturday, December 12, 2009

pack rat

Sometimes I start to worry that I'm a pack rat. Every corner in our house has something in it. We end up with piles that never get sorted.

My sister Ashley and I always comment on how our sister Amy's house is always so...well...un-cluttered. How does she do it? I think it's impossible.

So today I'm starting with our hall closet and throwing out (or donating) anything we don't need. (The camping gear stays. I am determined to use it come spring.)

Then I think: You know? The fact that I'm worried enough to throw things out means I'm not a pack rat, right? And then I feel better.

And as a Christmas present to Christian I am going to make room for all my cake stands in the hall closet. If you ever need to borrow a cake stand (or nine), just give me a call.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

limiting my time on the computer

I have to cut myself off. I'm sorry. For the next week, I'm limiting myself to a half hour of computer play time a day. I find myself sitting here reading blogs, writing in my blog, looking up things (What do I even look up? How does it suck up all my time?), and who knows what else.

I have a tree to decorate. A living room to clean (I swear I just cleaned it last night). A room to clean. A baby's room to clean. Christmas presents to make. Christmas presents to wrap. Friends to visit. Walks to take. A baby to feed.

None of that gets done when I'm on the computer. No, wait. The baby gets fed even if I'm on the computer.

Christian has permission to slap my hand if I spend more than a half hour a day on the computer. But he has to be nice about slapping my hand. That's all I ask.

Monday, December 7, 2009

thanksgiving weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving.

Here we are preparing dinner in our kitchen. I was doing yams on the stove, Richard was peeling potatoes on the counter, and Christian was preparing our little turkey in the sink.

We had a great dinner at Christian's parents' house (yummy!) and got to compare Graham to a picture of Grandma Paula when she was a baby.

Then I went down to Hollister for a couple days while Christian worked.

Amy, Ashley, Mom, and I walked our 2008 5k route.

We took some pictures with Luca and Diego.

And of course we had to get one with Grandma Carter and the baby boys.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

too many cars?

Three people with driver's licenses live in my home. We have 3 cars. We all attend the same church. Our church is 1.5 miles from our home and we could easily walk there.

We somehow managed to drive all 3 cars to church today.

Oh how I wish we walked places...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

top 10 words of 2009

Did you know that people track the top words/phrases/names used in each year? Of course you did. I'm the one who finds out about these things long after everyone else. I need to pay more attention, or perhaps I need to watch more TV, which is where I found out about this.

It really is fascinating.

Top Words of 2009

1. Twitter (Funny, since I stopped using Twitter this year.)
2. Obama (Of course. Does he Tweet?)
3. H1N1 (Lucky for the Pork industry this isn't "swine.")
4. Stimulus (Was that this year?)
5. Vampire (Gag me with a spoon.)
6. 2.0 (Technically this is 3 words, people. Molly 2.0--new and improved)
7. Deficit (Booooring.)
8. Hadron (Huh? Did I miss something important this year? Do I look stupid by admitting this?)
9. Healthcare (Vampire beat this???)
10. Transparency (Huh. This will likely make the top 10 of 2010.)
And the list goes on...

Top Phrases

1. King of Pop (RIP, MJ. You may have beat Bobama here, but he beat you in the top names...)
2. Obama-mania (I heard this way more in 2008.)
3. Climate change (Not global warming?)
4. Swine Flu (There's the swine!)
5. Too large to fall (Huh? Never heard this. How about "housing bubble" or something? How is that not in the top 5?)
And the list goes on...

Top names and past years can all be found on the Global Language Monitor site. Fascinating. I could spend hours on that site.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. Around 3 this morning I was playing with Baby G's legs and started saying "________ go so slow. _________ go so fast! _________ step on the gas!" Only I couldn't remember what ________ was. What goes slow? What goes fast? What steps on the gas?? I knew it was 3 syllables. I thought about it for an hour. Then I went back to sleep. Then I woke up at 6:30 and thought about it again. Then I woke up at 8:30 and thought about it again. At 9:15am I was looking at Baby G and yelled "Motorboat!" What a relief. Sheesh.

2. I had a dream last night that I bought cute colored tights. They were adorable (and looked a lot better in my dream than they will in real life since, of course, my leg were perfect in my dream). I need some colored tights. And skinny legs.
Photo from

3. I'm watching TV, which I rarely did in the past, but I need something to keep me awake while I feed the babe. And Kelly Ripa happens to be on the station I'm watching (I usually just watch whatever is on when I turn on the TV). She has an amazing body (in case you've never seen her), but holy arms. Is it the shirt or does she always look like a body builder?

4. Pictures of Thanksgiving weekend and video of Baby G coming soon.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

finding my voice

I've always loved music. I've played the piano since I was 7, I played the flute from 4th grade to 8th grade, and I've always loved to sing.

I was never amazing, but I always sang. Growing up I sang while playing the piano (I'm positive my siblings loved this). I sang along to my parents' Beatles and The Mamas and The Papas records. I sang in the ward choir, I sang in stake choirs, I was in musicals in high school (in fact, I was a lead in a musical, but really I think there wasn't much musical competition at my high school and I just looked the part).

In college I took a singing class with my friend, Jared. I sang in a volunteer choir performance of He is Jesus Christ with my friend, Kerri. I sang REALLY loud in the car by myself--with or without the radio on. And, of course, I sang in the shower.

Then I got married. I still sang along to songs in the car (perhaps not quite so loud), but I think I got a little self conscious about singing in the shower. I mean, there was someone who could hear me! I never really got back into participating in church choirs (nap time with the hubby was much more inviting). And when you stop singing, your voice kind of goes down the drain.

Then I had a baby. And I started to sing to him. No background music. Just me and the babe and my voice. It was nice. I sing him my favorite primary songs. I sing him "Dream a Little Dream." I sing him Christmas songs. I didn't know I missed it until I started singing again.

So today I decided to start participating in my ward choir again.

But I took a nap with the baby and forgot. I guess I'll start next week...

are you my friend?

Is your name on my side bar? If it isn't, then you probably aren't on my Google Reader list either. And that's a shame.

You see, I often find out a friend of mine has a blog, get all excited, check it out, forget to put it on my list and my Google Reader, and then forget it exists entirely. And I often repeat this process again with the same blogs since my memory is oh so good.

So will you let me know if I know you and you're not on my list?

If you don't want to be listed, that's totally fine, too. Just say the word.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

I'm grateful for... life. family. husband. baby. church. health. body. mind. home.
...a positive outlook on life.
...friends who inspire me with their strength in hard times.
...friends who make me laugh.
...the fact that my friends are like my family.
...the fact that my family members are my best friends.

I could go on and on, but I leave it at that. I'm grateful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sequoia trail run registration is open!

Okay--Whitney, Maren, Shayla, Rachel, Aubrey, Ashley (Christine, but the other Ashley should be feeling the pressure...), Liz, Kerri (Chicago equivalent), Mary, not Tyler (10k=6.2 miles), and Amy! (Maybe Mom?)

The The Sequoia Trail Run (10k and 20k) I mentioned in a post a while back is now OPEN for registration! I signed up. Shayla signed up. It's your turn. Hurray!

I will hopefully start running again in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

real advice for itchy skin

{Skip this blog post if you have no interest in itchy skin.}

I've learned a lot with this itchy skin and thought I should pass on the information to anyone searching about postpartum itchy skin on the internet. This, of course, is just based on my own experience. Here is what I have learned:

1. The doctors will likely not have an answer for you, but go see them anyway so you can get a steroid cream and/or antihistamine.

2. If the rash/itching is an allergic reaction to the meds given to you in the hospital, the allergic reaction will show up 8 or 9 days after the baby's birth. The fact that mine showed up about 2 1/2 weeks later meant it was not.

3. Your body is going through so many changes (hormones coming and going after birth) that your skin may have just become ultra sensitive and you might just have to wait it out. I know--this sucks.

4. Go see a dermatologist as soon as possible. I saw my regular doctor after a week of itching. He said to use hydrocortizone cream, Eucerin or Cetaphil, and perhaps Claritin and said to give it a couple weeks to see if it got better. After a week it had gotten worse, so I went to see the dermatologist. She said my doctor's advice was weak sauce and gave me a prescription for a steroid cream and said to come back in a week if it didn't get better. That essentially means the week I waited after seeing my regular doctor was a waste of a week. Go straight to your dermatologist.

5. Hydrocortizone cream is "like spitting in the ocean." Those words came out of the dermatologist's mouth. In other words, it sucks and isn't worth using for serious itching.

6. Over-the-counter antihystamines (like Claritan and Alavert) are not strong enough to affect itchy skin. Dermatologist said I'd need a prescription antihistamine, which she didn't give me for reasons I list below.

7. Prescription antihistamines are transferred through breastmilk to your baby and make him/her drowsy. The dermatologist recommended against doing this since it's important to be able to notice changes in your newborn's behavior in case they get sick. If they are drugged up and drowsy, those changes may not be noticeable.

8. The dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream for me (which she said was fine to use while breastfeeding) and said it would both treat the problem and the itching, while other topical creams only treat the itching.

9. Warmth actually makes the itching inflamed. Hot showers may feel good at the time, but will make the itching worse after the shower. The reason you wake up at night itching horribly is because you are all warm and toasty in bed.

10. Your body isn't good at detecting itching and cold at the same time. Cold wins. Take lukewarm (cold is best if you can handle it) showers and baths. Dress to keep cool. Use Sarna anti-itch lotion. It gives you a menthol feeling on your skin so your skin feels cold.

11. When you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry, and immediately put on the steroid cream followed by Eucerin or Cetaphil cream. Not the lotion. The nasty, super thick cream. This supposedly locks in the moisture. I think it just feels gross. But you do what you gotta do, right?

So there you have it. Everything I learned in the last 3 weeks. Itching sucks, especially when you'd like to be snuggling with your baby and you are instead handing him off to your husband so you can go get in a cold tub.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

babies for sale?

Life is so entertaining when I'm actually out and about. I saw this out of the corner of my eye this morning and went back later in the day to confirm what I thought I saw. And confirm I did. Too funny. It all made sense when I saw what kind of store it was...

I will send cookies to the first person who can tell me what kind of store had this sign out front. No googling the answer!

Monday, November 23, 2009

dear itch monster

Dear itch monster,

My name is Graham and I'm writing to ask you to leave my mom alone. All she does is talk about how her skin itches and it's getting kind of annoying. She's kind of a wimp when it comes to being uncomfortable. She's not as fun as she was before all the itching, and she is spending our life savings on every lotion, cream, and ointment recommended to her. She doesn't sing to me as much as before and she's constantly trying to convince me to sleep even when I'm not tired (just so she can sleep). I'd like my fun mom back.

She keeps talking about how she'd like to clean her room, and organize my room, and make our Christmas stockings, and make Christmas presents, and make food for Thanksgiving. Instead she takes lots of showers and baths, puts on sticky creams, sits on the couch all day, and takes naps.

It's really boring. SO, itch monster, if you could just move on and leave our house alone, we'd greatly appreciate it. You're welcome to stay until her dermatology appointment on Wednesday, but after that you've officially overstayed your welcome.


Baby G

Friday, November 20, 2009

discrepancy clothing

I was going to introduce you all to Discrepancy Clothing a month ago, but then this little baby named Graham kind of distracted us and I completely forgot. But he's old news now so I can get back to what I was talking about. (I didn't mean it, Graham! You're still new and exciting!)

Back in 2002, our friend Josh Denney started Discrepancy Clothing Company. Last year Christian joined him and they reignited the company. They came up with some new shirt designs, stocked up on more hats, and got things going again. This month they'll be adding sweatshirts to the mix. The shirts are printed on American Apparel so they are soft, comfy, high quality, and made in the USA.

Check out the web site here.

Check out our friend Jona rockin' my favorite shirt here.

Become a fan on Facebook and Myspace.

Check out Christian rockin' a little Discrepancy for the ladies:

Even Baby G represents:

Can't figure out what to get your brother/husband/boyfriend for Christmas? Well now you know...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

son of an itch!

I itch soooo bad. It started with my belly. Is it the stretch marks? Then spread to my boobies. Irritation from breastfeeding? So I went to the doctor. He pretty much said, "It could be lots of things. Doesn't look serious. Use these topical creams. Give us a call if it doesn't get better in a couple weeks."

Weeks?? Weeks?! I can't wait weeks!!

So I went home and decided to tough it out. What's a little bit of itching, huh?

Within 3 days it has spread to my arms and legs. I'm going crazy.

After looking it up online, it looks like lots of women have unexplained itchy skin after having a baby. None of them really got answers from their doctors either.

I'm seriously going crazy. Anyone have any advice for me?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bumjoy cloth diapers

So we're planning to use cloth diapers. We bought a bunch of prefolds and a couple of covers (read: inexpensive, old-school cloth diapers and covers) as well as a number of one-size pocket diapers (read: more expensive, "new-fangled," fitted cloth diapers that are supposed to adjust to fit from newborn to toddler). Our plan was to use the prefolds until we figured out which pocket diapers we liked and then order more.

Some cinch up in the sides in order to make the diaper smaller; some double over and snap up in the front. Let's just say that not all the "one-size" diapers are truly one-size-fits-all. Most were absolutely ginormous on our little guy, and he's probably over 10 pounds now. They aren't necessarily too loose--just WAY too bulky. The poor kid could barely move in some of them.

In fact, the one that led to the wonderful crack shot in a previous post was so big and bulky in the front that I almost refused to try it. But I'm not going to write them all off as failures yet. They are just too big for now, so we may end up liking them in the future. Who knows?

That said, I have to give a shout out to the one-size diapers that really did work. The BumJoy diapers weren't too big, didn't necessarily look like they were doubled up in the front, and didn't leak. Sure, they are bulky compared to disposables, but that comes with the territory when you cloth diaper. The best part? They were the cheapest one-size diaper we sampled. Hurray! I ordered a few more to confirm that I like them, and now I'm ready to really stock up. Pocket diapers are so easy that it feels like we're cheating the cloth diapering system.

Not to mention the colors are absolutely perfect! Check them out at

Graham says they make him feel like a super hero.

Monday, November 16, 2009

his first name is barack...

I saw this in the check-out line at CVS Pharmacy (I guess I spend a lot of time at drug stores). First I was confused (why is the "&" there? It's Michelle Obama), then I laughed (Ohhh, Michelle AND Obama), then my English teacher side kicked in and I was annoyed by the whole thing (Come on, people. It's "Michelle & Barack.").

If you're going to use first names, be consistent. Just a little pet peeve of mine. I know the magazine is a tabloid and none of what it says is true, but it should still have an editor who uses parallel structure, right?

{Oh, and as for the other headline story--perhaps we should be congratulating Clint Eastwood for being the only person in Hollywood who actually looks his age. I mean, he's almost 80.}

{Also, I think the best part of this post is that someone pointed out that I had spelled Barack "Barak" the first time I posted. Ha! Oops. Awesome.}

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Since the mentioning of breasfeeding was so popular in my last post, I'll post my top 10 reasons to breastfeed your baby.

{PS--Thanks for all the advice. Things actually started getting a lot better that day and it's not so bad now. I guess the 3-week mark was the turning point for me.}

Top 10 reasons to breastfeed your baby

10. It's a way for your baby to prove that he's in charge: he'll stay awake when you want him to sleep, and he'll sleep when you are trying to feed him.

9. It guarantees the kid will bond with and want you even though your husband is the kid magnet of the family.

8. Because nothing makes you feel more attractive than wearing pads on your boobs.

7. So you can have the TV and laptop all to yourself in the middle of the night.

6. It's just a complicated way to get the kid to sit still so you can cut his fingernails.

5. You always wanted to know what it feels like to clamp lobsters onto your nipples.

4. Everyone needs a way to make guests feel awkward.

3. So you'll have more money to spend at Target.

2. It's the perfect time to challenge someone to a weight loss competition.

1. So you can finally fill your over-the-shoulder boulder holders.

'Nuff said.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I came across these at Walgreens last night.

Who comes up with these? Who thought that sucking on a reindeer's tongue sounded like a good idea? GROSS!

what we've been up to

1. Trying out various cloth diapers. Some seem to fit. Some don't. We got a good laugh when we found Graham like this after his nap. Thank goodness he hadn't pooped.

2. Not feeling like sleep-deprived new parents. Graham sleeps a ton and we are doing just fine. I feel like I've had the kid forever and everything feels quite natural for us. It helps that he's super mellow and easy.

3. Introducing Graham to his cousins. Luca and Graham are less than 2 months apart!

3. Celebrating Christian's birthday. Happy birthday, Christian!! To celebrate his new life as a father, I got him a skateboard. Every new dad needs a skateboard, right?

4. Visiting the cousins in Loomis. Happy birthday, Sutton! We had so much fun. Ian and Kitty--if you can find Christian a good job, we'll come live by you. :)

5. Having a little cry. I've done so so well since Graham was born. But the other day I broke down and cried. Breastfeeding hurts. 2 boobs x 8 times a day x 18 days = 288 painful latches (okay, the first couple days didn't hurt). Makes me cringe. But I think it's starting to get better...

6. Watching Christian's soccer game. Isn't he a cutie?

In other words, we have been having a lot of fun. And we love that Graham has attracted visits from lots of friends. We love you all and have loved all the visits! Keep 'em coming!

Time for me to go get back in bed...

Monday, November 2, 2009

something to work toward

Alright ladies (and gentlemen). It's time to talk fitness. Here's how a conversation with Christian went last night (we were chatting about what we'd like to improve about our bodies):

Molly: Let's have a fitness competition.
Christian: Okay, whichever of us gets into our ideal shape first wins $100.
Molly: Awesome. Deal.
Christian: I can live with my body the way it is. I'm done. I win. Should I go get the $100 now?

Ha ha. Very funny, Christian.

But seriously, I have a plan, and I'm wondering who wants to join me. The Sequoia Trail Run in Joaquin Miller Park (in the hills behind Oakland) is on February 27th. That's 16 1/2 weeks away. There is a 10k (6.2 miles) and a 20k (12.4 miles).

I plan to walk for the next 4 weeks until my body has fully healed and is ready to start running. I will then use the next 12 weeks to increase my mileage 1 mile a week. Sounds like a feasible plan, right?

Reasons you should sign up for this race:

1. It's only $35.
2. You don't have to do the 20k. You can sign up for the 10k! (Or the 30k or 50k if you really want.)
3. There's a limit of about 100 people for each distance, so you don't have to deal with crowds and crowds of people.
4. It's part of the Pacific Coast Trail Runs, which means it's beautiful and all on trail. But consider yourself warned--it's hilly. They don't mess around when it comes to hills. You need to train on hills. And you need to remember that on beautiful runs like this, there's no shame in walking up a hill. Trust me--sometimes these runs are more like hiking. {I love the hills and the hills love me!}
5. You'll be giving me peer pressure to get back into running shape!
6. It's not very far away and doesn't start at an insanely early hour, so you can sleep in your own beds the night before.
7. Packet pick-up is right before the race, so you don't have to make two trips to the race site.

I will be signing up as soon as the registration opens, and I'll remind all of you as well...

And now I'm off to take a walk.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a very calm Halloween. Friday night we went to our church's "Trunk or Treat" and Graham made his debut as a dragon. The outfit was a bit big but cute nonetheless. And, of course, Graham slept the entire time.

Dianna got to meet Graham for the first time!

Christian and I were jellyfish. Can you tell?

Then on Halloween itself, we sat around all day. We watched the Batman movies. I fell in love with Catwoman's yellow chenille couch. I want one like it some day.

And around 9:00pm, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. Hurray!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Our room is a mess. I seem to be able to keep the living room clean. And the kitchen is clean. I mean, I have plenty of time. This kid sleeps a ton. But our room is the biggest mess. Clean clothes piled everywhere. It's hard to walk.

It took me a few days to figure out why I couldn't get to cleaning our room. Duh. Graham sleeps in the cradle in our room. He wakes up, I feed him, we burp him, we change him, we ooh and aah at him for a few minutes, we swaddle him, and we put him back down for another nap. Then we repeat. Over and over and over. All day and all night.

So it occurred to me--put him down for a nap in his own room! So today Graham is taking his first snooze in the big boy crib. Do you think he has enough space?

Time to go clean my room...

PS--We still haven't carved our pumpkins. Christian promises me we're doing it today. And we need to come up with Halloween costumes, because we're planning to venture out to our church's "Trunk or Treat" tonight. Graham will be making his debut as a dragon. I could dress up as a frazzled new mother, but I'd rather look nice since I spend all day in pajamas. What should we be?

Post-blog edit: I didn't clean our room. Here's how it went:

Christian: Let's watch 30 Rock.
Molly: No, I need to clean our room.
Christian: Let's clean it after we watch 30 Rock.
Molly: No, I want it clean now. The baby will be awake by the time we're done watching 30 Rock.
Christian: Okay, then I'll clean it on my own later.
Molly: Deal.

And that's how Christian ended up cleaning our room while I took a nap after we watched 30 Rock. I sure worked that deal, didn't I?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

business in the front, party in the back

I know I'm supposed to love everything about my baby, but, seriously, the mullet has got to go.

In other news, we're going to carve pumpkins today! I've been wanting to carve pumpkins since September. It's about time. I love Halloween!

In other other news, I did my hair and makeup today. I didn't even used to do my hair before the baby was born. In other words, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Anyone want to come over and play with me?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

happy baby, happy mommy and daddy

Things are going great. Even Graham thinks so.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

introducing baby Graham...

As some of you noticed, I never got around to posting about Josh and Christian's clothing company, because our baby finally arrived!

We're so excited to introduce you all to Graham!

Graham made his way into the world on Thursday night at 10:12pm. 8lbs,11oz. 20 inches. He is perfect!

Here's the story for those of you who are interested...

My water broke at about 1:00am on Thursday morning just minutes after Christian told the baby in my belly that he needed to come out already.

At 4:30am we went to the hospital with weak and irregular contractions so they could monitor me for infection. Unfortunately, things didn't progress at all and I was hooked up to pitocin at 10:30am. I was pretty bummed about having to go on pitocin since I knew it would probably mess with my plan to try for a natural birth, but I got over it pretty quickly. I roll with the punches.

I spent the next 5 hours managing contractions just fine, chatting with Christian and my mom, and trying to sleep. Around 3:30pm, everything changed. The contractions hit hard and I couldn't seem to manage my relaxation anymore. I was not in a good place. Breathing was hard. I threw up. I was a mess.

When things became unbearable, the doctor came in to do an internal exam. Christian thought they had good news for us but it turns out the doctor and assistant were just excited because they loved how cute my polka-dotted toenails were! Ha! Christian confessed later that he was pretty pissed that I was in such a bad place and they were oo-ing and ah-ing about my toes. I'm pretty sure I remember being flattered and saying "Thanks!" between contractions.

I was only 3 centimeters dilated--the same as a week before. They said a normal labor would progress about a centimeter an hour, meaning a possible 7 more hours, so I gladly opted for an epidural. I would have loved to have gone natural, but it just wasn't happening and that was just fine with me. Not trying to prove anything here.

Getting the epidural took about an hour, because my veins weren't cooperating and they couldn't get enough fluids in me. Once the epidural was in and enough blankets were piled on me to stop the shaking, I was fully dilated within an hour and a half. What a relief.

My contractions pretty much stopped (weren't showing up on the monitor), so pushing was a guessing game, but it was the best part of the whole labor. I couldn't feel any pain, Christian was really excited (making me extra motivated), and I opted to have my mom stay in the room, which was really special!

I knew I was having a baby, but I didn't fully wrap my brain around it until they put Graham on my chest. I couldn't believe my body had made that perfect little person. It was surreal. I was just so excited and couldn't stop smiling. I could definitely do that again.

It took 21 hours total, but for probably 19 of those hours, I was in a great mood. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Welcome, Graham! We love you!