Tuesday, December 9, 2008

weekend overload

This weekend we, um, contributed to global warming.

(Friday night)

Drove to Oakland to watch Dianna's performance at the temple. Good job, Dianna! You are a beautiful dancer!

Drove back home.


Drove to San Francisco. Walked/jogged a 5K in San Francisco with the Girls on the Run program. My buddy was Cristal, a 3rd-grader from East Palo Alto. She asked me if we were almost done before we had even gotten to the 1-mile mark. Ha! She was great. Everyone should volunteer next year!

Drove back home.

Drove to Sacramento with Lindsey and Rebecca. Dinner and dessert with the girls. Mmmmm. Shopping! We picked up some books (you know, the kind you can curl up in bed with), and we couldn't resist buying ourselves an assortment of shoes and jackets. We had fun to say the least! Spent the night at Ian and Kitty's. Thanks again, guys!!!


Up and moving at 5:55am. Too early. But for a great cause!

Lindsey and Kathy ran the Cal Internation Marathon! Rebecca and I served as support crew and running buddies. The marathoners rocked! Congrats to both ladies for your awesome time (and inspirational endurance at the end of the race)! And congrats to Kathy for her first marathon!

Aaaaannnd then I drove back home.

Then we drove up the mountain to get a Christmas tree! (The Christmas tree deserves--and will get--its own post.) And drove back home.

Watched the Amazing Race finale! I won't spoil the end. Made cookies for my work holiday cookie exchange. Ate too much cookie dough. Stayed up until about 1:30am chit-chatting with my hubby. We had been around each other all afternoon, yet seemed to have a million fun things to tell each other as soon as the clock struck midnight. Why does that happen?

'Twas a great weekend, indeed. I need a nap.

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Chris said...

What a fun week-end. If I'd check your blogs more frequently I wouldn't need to call for all your life's little details.