Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we need nerf guns

Christian and I are sitting in the living room. He is on his computer. I am on my laptop. So I sent him a message on facebook. You know that "pop" sound facebook makes when you get an instant message? Well let me tell you, it is WAY more fun when there are two computers in the room:

Molly: what's up, yo? (pop!)

Christian: what up you (pop!)

Molly: i should have been in bed over an hour ago. i like that sound (pop!)

Christian: i know (pop!)

Molly: pop! (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Molly: hr (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Molly: s (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Molly: d (pop!)

Molly: f (pop!)

Christian: h (pop!)

Molly: g (pop!)

Molly: s (pop!)

Molly: g (pop!)

Molly: i feel like we're shooting each other with nerf guns (pop!)

Christian (spoken): Nerf guns are fun.

Then Richard walked in the room. So we told him to sign on to the other laptop (yeah, we have three computers in our living room) so that we could all *shoot* each other at the same time.

If you ever thought we were cool, now you know the truth. We are nerds.


josh hallmark said...

i'm so glad i dumped you.

webster said...

haha that is funny. I just might have to sign up on facebook for the sound now!

Molly said...

Josh--You broke up with me? :)

Regardless, something tells me it wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Jenna said...


Carbonneau said...

AM I a bigger nerd for trying to read the letters you were typing to see if you were trying to actually spell something...? lol We have too many computers in the same room too. I think I might have to play that game. ;)

Ashley C. said...

Haha! Total nerds. I always knew it.