Friday, December 12, 2008


Herbie is back home in his tank! (Which he actually may not be very happy about.) Christian looked up around the fridge motor again (we had already looked there at least twice) and found him! No santa hat anymore. Just the fluff attached to his shell. I don't blame him.

Good thing Christian found him, because Herbie would have been mortified if I had posted his picture all over the neighborhood:

Next up on the list of things to find: my sister's bike. She's pretty sure it was stolen. And something tells me it's not hiding in the undercarriages of our fridge.


Anonymous said...

I am very glad that Herbie was found. I have been worried about him.

Ashley said...

Yay for Herbie; OH NO for the bike!

Lindsay said...

You have hermit crabs?!?! That is awesome! That Christmas card is hilarious! I put hermit crabs on my Christmas list this year so I'm hoping Santa thinks I was a good girl.