Monday, December 1, 2008

need a break from a spreadsheet

lunch + a piece of cake + a boring spreadsheet = a very sleepy girl

So I am distracting myself in an effort to wake up. I thought about doing this tag a couple weeks ago, but was just officially tagged by Meredith, so I figured I should. In no particular order...

8 favorite TV shows:
- Chuck
- Survivor
- The Office
- 30 Rock
- The Amazing Race
- Lost
- Eh, 6 is close enough to 8, right? What did I forget?

8 Favorite Restaurants:
- Um, we don't go out to eat very much
- El Calderon (Mountain View)
- Plutos (Palo Alto)
- Sushi, good mexican, thai food, milkshakes
- Oh, Belden Taverna (SF) was very yummy
- Anywhere I've never been before

8 things that happened yesterday: (Nov. 30)
- We spoke in church
- I got out the Christmas decorations
- I realized it's my first Christmas with a nativity set. Thanks, Mom!
- I put Christmas music on and left it playing for hours
- We watched Surf's Up (Richard bought it)
- April and Janel came over to "visit teach" (in other words we sat around talking about girl stuff). You ladies can come "visit teach" me every day.
- I made a cake (from a mix--frosting from scratch)
- I ate too much cake

8 things to look forward to:
- Getting a Christmas tree!
- Christmas!
- 2 months of free evenings
- 2 weeks of mandatory vacation from work
- Snowboarding
- The hills turning green from the rain!
- Stormy weather
- Organizing my house (yes, I am dying to do this in my free time)

8 things I love about fall (should this read 'winter' for future tags?):
- leaves turning colors
- blustery days
- my birthday
- wearing orange all the time
- surprisingly warm days after cold spells
- Halloween!
- Thanksgiving!

8 things on my wishlist:
- savings
- peace of mind
- a Christmas tree within the next week
- to be more helpful and loving to those around me
- for people in this world to stop hurting each other
- to learn to speak Portuguese
- to travel
- this last one is private

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Ok, back to my boring spreadsheet. I'm awake now.

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Jenna said...

Love it. I may do this if I can find a sec!Happy Holidays!