Wednesday, December 10, 2008

let's take a poll

If you were me, would you send out Christmas cards?

Do we wait til we have kids to send out Christmas cards?

Does Richard count as having kids?

If not, do we dress up our hermit crabs and send a picture of them as our Christmas card? Do you think they would pose in santa hats?

No, really. I'm not asking if you want a card from us. I'm just asking if you would send out Christmas cards if you were me.


LJ and DC said...

I usually do, but this year I haven't even gotten around to thinking about them! Maybe I'll send out Happy Valentines Day cards instead.

mer said...

Haha, this made me laugh. I was just thinking the same thing! If I were you, I wouldn't send out cards because I don't think I'm sending out cards and it will make me feel better if I know someone else isn't either! Maybe I'll send out cards when I have kids. Or, maybe not.


Ryan said...

Who cares whether you have kids or not? What about a couple who NEVER has kids - are they never allowed to send out christmas cards?

I don't think you should stress about it, but for what it's worth, I think you and Christian's lives are a LOT more interesting than those of some couples I know with children.

In other words, why send out yearly christmas cards when you can send out weekly christmas cards.

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I totally think you should send out C-mas cards if you want! I've never even thought about needing kids in order to send out cards. You should do what you want, not what you think you should.

Molly said...

You all assume I want to. Hahaha.

Lenessa--Please send me a Valentine's card.

Mer--If I send them out, I just won't send you one so that you think I didn't send them. ;)

Ryan--Is this your way of telling me you're going to start sending me weekly Christmas cards?

Ella--Really? You never noticed that people start sending cards after they have kids? It's pretty amusing. That way they have something to write about in their brag letter.

Chris said...

Even though I've missed a few years of cards, I'm a firm believer in them. Those of my generation weren't in as close of constant contact as you blogger/facebookites are. Just the act of addressing the cards reminds me of friends I wish I lived closer to. It takes effort, but it's worth it to keep in touch. I agree with Ryan. You don't need kids (and you don't need a brag letter!). So, I vote yes.

Julia said...

I luurrrrvvve Christmas Cards! Send them, send them! I think they are so sentimental and festive. I send them every year. Mine just came from the printers yesterday. :)

Amy Carter said...

Send one to me too! My mantle is lacking in christmas cards this year. (which is probably a clear sign that i need to send them out if i ever hope to receive any.) traditional xmas cards don't require a summary of your life. just a thoughtful note letting someone know you're thinking of them. and a cute card that someone will enjoy displaying.

Lindsey said...

ABSOLUTELY!! Life doesn't only start when you have kids. You are wonderful with or without! We'd love to get a card! P.s. The hermit crab pics...priceless and pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen! Love it!

thebakerbook said...

We had the same dilemma. When i finally decided to order some online i found out they would not arrive until the 27th. My decision was easy than. none for us!