Wednesday, December 3, 2008

eleven thoughts from my head

1. I am watching Paris Hilton's My New BFF Reunion Episode. I'm not ashamed. It's ridiculously entertaining.

2. Ahhhh, facebook and twitter. How long before we all start talking in status update mode? "Hi Molly! How are you?" "Molly is way too much work today." I can see it coming. It's not pretty.

3. I've got crafts coming out my ears. And I love it. Although I think Christian would like the kitchen table back.

4. Speaking of crafts, I went to a Relief Society craft night last night (Relief Society=the women in my church). I was in heaven. Not so much because of the crafts, but because there are so many fun women in my ward and I miss them all. I was practically giddy about hanging out and chatting and seeing everyone--and I do mean everyone. They are all awesome.

5. Richard found an iphone on the sidewalk in front of his school. He took it to the office. Too bad we're honest people, huh?

6. This morning I had a dream that I woke up, got dressed, and put my hair up in super cute clips. And my hair looked great. Then I really woke up. An hour late. And I had no cute clips. And my hair does not look great. My dreams have been incredibly mean lately.

7. I made a cake on Sunday. Today is Wednesday. I have eaten the entire thing in the last 4 days. Who says you can't have dessert after breakfast? (And lunch, and dinner...)

8. People don't recognize me. Now that my hair is growing out, whenever I put it up it looks like I'm blond again. And people at work don't recognize me. Literally, I'm getting those Hi-who-are-you-I'm-not-sure-why-you're-smiling-at-me looks again as I walk around campus. Lovely.

9. Speaking of campus. The economic downturn is hitting closer to home. Here at Stanford we're already down to a bare bones budget, and each department has been asked to provide three scenarios in which they cut 5, 7 and 10 percent from their 2009-10 budgets. How do you cut 10 percent when you've already cut all your spending? And the survey says...people.

10. Speaking of economic downturns and losing jobs and not having any money. I can't wait to go spend money here:

11. The ninja theme on my gmail account is a riot. I can't get enough. This was what it looked like at the bottom of my email last night. I had to take a screen shot.


Tyler said...

Your department is looking to cut 10% of its staff and you posted this at 11:55 am. That's hilarious.

Do you think any one at your office reads your blog?

Molly said...

No, I actually didn't post this at 11:55am. I just posted it about 30 minutes ago (about 8:00pm), but I opened the draft at 11:55am to jot down a thought. Finished the post at home. So take that! :)

Tyler said...

Still funny.

Jenni said...

Aahhh! I totally have that ninja theme on my Gmail, too, and I love it! All those ninjas guarding my email. It's very comforting.