Sunday, November 30, 2008

turkey day run

What a fun Thanksgiving. We ran, we ate, we played with the kids, we napped, we saw Bolt, we had too many sweets. That's what holidays are for, right?

And now for my favorite part of this year's Thanksgiving. The Family Turkey Trim 5k. With the help of my mom, I mapped out a course out in the beautiful hills of Hollister. Downhill point-to-point race. Descended 302 feet in 3.1 miles. Not bad.

I took second place! My brother Tyler is such a competitive person that he would have beat me no matter what pace I was running. With less than a mile left in the race, I was gaining on him. But I made the mistake of clearing my throat. He heard it, turned around surprised to see someone behind him, and picked up the pace. One of these days I'll learn to be more competitive.

Results (I don't think anyone minds me posting the results, because I'm pretty sure we all PR'd):
1st: Tyler at 24:09
2nd: Molly at 24:23
3rd: Ian at 26:25

4th: Ashley W at 27:25
5th: Ashley C at 30:54
6th: Kitty at 31:28 (sang and danced the entire way)
7th: Camden at 33:46 (on a rip stick)
8th: Amy and Mom at 41:27 (the run/walk team)

Highlights of the race:
Making the race medals (stenciled cardboard and massive sugar cookies).

Marking the miles in flour (I accidently put the start line in the wrong place so we actually crossed the start line 0.1 miles into the race. And I ran out of flour, so the finish line just read "F" for "finish" or "fast" or whatever f-word my family was muttering after running 3.1 miles).
Spotting turkeys on the way out.

Taking fun pictures at the start line.
Ian and Kitty jumping onto the side of the Suburban during the race to catch a ride. Funny how they think alike.
Kitty dancing the last 100 feet of the race.
Watching Camden fly around the final corner on a rip stick.
Eating the race medal.

Running my fastest 5k.
Feeling awesome the whole time.
Taking second place.
Having a ton of fun hanging out with my family out on an old country road.

I should organize races more often.

(The rest of my pictures will be posted to smugmug tomorrow at work. My internet at home is too slow.)


Julia said...

What a fun way to spend Thanksgiving morning together. A+ for race organizing!!!

PS AWESOME time, Molly!!!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like fun! Cute idea. Cute family. Awesome time!! Well done! Will you run with me at Cal? :)

Kim said...

What an awesome idea for a family activity! If MY family did it our times would be, like, double. Or triple:).

Holley said...

That sounds like so much fun! How cute are you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie and Lenny said...

how fun! you guys are so awesome! By the way, did you like bolt?

Ashley said...

The bit about Tyler's competitiveness totally made me laugh. It's so true. He would die before he let you (or anyone) beat him. I loved the race!!! Thanks again for making it so fun.

Baldersons said...

Sounds like such a fun holiday tradition!

Tyler said...

I just wish I would have noticed you back there sooner. It would have helped me run the race much faster.

Amy Carter said...

thanks again molly for organizing it. i had no idea how much you put into it until the day of. and the location you chose was perfect. beautiful scenery makes running so much more enjoyable. perhaps we should run it again at christmas time? maybe by that time i'll be able to actually run the whole thing. maybe.

Kerri said...

That's awesome, Molly! From the roommate who HATED running her whole life, you have turned into quite the runner! I'm so proud! I'd love to do that next year!

Carter was just looking at the pics and asked if you were Aunt Cheri! "no, that's molly!" "oh, I like Molly." What a good memory he must have of when you visited us when he was 2 months old!