Tuesday, November 25, 2008

speaking of techy

So I'm not very good at deleting messages from my inbox. My work inbox has countless old messages sitting there staring at me. I have responded to most of them. Sometimes I get ambitious and try to sort them into folders. I get through about a week of old messages and give up. It doesn't even make a dent in the list.

So yesterday I did what I do every couple months. I went through three weeks of email, moved it all to folders, copied the remaining 2,000-ish messages, and dumped them into a folder called "Old Inbox." That's the lazy woman's quick fix to sorting email.

Since then I have maintained a 3-message inbox inventory of only important messages that I am in the process of resolving, which are marked with a blue "to-do" tag.

I was so happy with my pretty (empty) inbox. A little too happy with it, perhaps. A couple minutes ago, an email notification popped up in the corner of my monitor. I literally felt this wave of complete annoyance pass through me. And this thought ran through my brain: That email just messed up my perfectly pretty inbox. Grrrr.

I think it's time for Thanksgiving break. Eh?


LJ and DC said...

Sweet Molly,
Can I send you all 3006 items in my inbox to organize? Pretty please?

Amy Carter said...

I'm up to 2,351 and can't seem to part with them either. i won't let them go until i file them correctly, or until my outlook blocks me from sending any further messages because i've reach maximum capacity.

josh hallmark said...

i, too, am a digital packrat. my inbox usually has about 500 emails in it, because i worry that if i delete the email so and so sent me two years ago, it may contain information critical to me in the future. i've had to sit down three times and blindly delete hundreds of emails, because the "message 1 of 579" indicator makes me cringe.

happy thanksgiving.