Friday, November 14, 2008


Tonight we stopped by Mervyns' to check out its going out of business sale. Considering everything was 40-70% off, we grabbed some Christmas gifts. And I grabbed a nutcracker. I have always wanted one, but never found any I liked. This little guy was only $10. Good enough for me!

But the best part was the conversation that followed:

Richard: Now we need to get walnuts.
Christian: That thing can't crack real nuts.
Richard: If I throw it at your crotch it will!

Our life would be boring without Richard.


Jenni said...

Oh, Nutcrackers are awesome! When we went to the Abraham Lincoln museum in Springfield, I bought an Abraham Lincoln Nutcracker. It's totally boss!

LJ and DC said...

That is HILLarious. Please be sure to tell Richard thank you for me.

whitney said...

ben and i are "cracking" up right now. out loud.

Veeda said...

this is very funny. i'm glad you found a nutcracker. they are awesome.