Monday, November 10, 2008

life is precious

As I arrived to work this morning, I learned that one of my dear coworkers passed away yesterday. She was a mother and a grandmother. And a dear friend to all of us. Without fail, she brought in gourmet pastries and pies for our birthdays. She was sure to say a cheerful hello to everyone as she walked past our desks on the way to her office. She brought a presence of kindness and optimism into the office. A presence you could feel. And a presence that will be sorely missed. As she battled her cancer, she never let on to any of us how bad it was. She wanted to live her life as Ann, not as a cancer patient. She cheerfully showed up to work every day until last week, so her passing came as a shock to most of us. I think we can all agree that we loved her. We are happy she is no longer suffering, but we miss her already. Life is precious and she showed it in the way she lived.


Ashley said...

How sad to lose such a wonderful lady and friend. That must be a big shock to you and the office. Thanks for sharing her story on your blog and reminding me to appreciate all the good people around me, and to try to leave a legacy like your friend's.

Amy Carter said...

That's so sad. :(