Wednesday, November 12, 2008

if i disappear

If I disappear in a couple years, you should look here:

I'll probably be living in this:

And spending my free time hanging out here:

And here:

And probably wearing one of these:

And running here:

Yeah. That's where you'll find me.


Chris said...

I'll certainly find you, because I'll be flying over to visit often.

Julia said...

dude, take me with you

Amy Carter said...

yes, pleassssse take me too. it looks sooooo nice.

Chelle said...

Is this a hint of where your next exotic vacation will be? Didn't you guys go to Brazil for Christmas? What a glamorous life it looks like you guys have!

Jonathon and Sarah said...

Sounds nice. But, I suggest going a little further south to Porto Alegre. But that might just be my bias. Too bad I was never allowed to go to the beach : (

Tamra said...

I want that house. Course, if it's on the beach, it's probably a $2M house.

Molly said...

Mom--You are welcome any time!

Julia--I will certainly need a running partner down there...

Amy--I think everyone should come! I'd hate to live so far away from you guys.

Michelle--No vacation for us. We're broke. But I started looking up houses in Brazil on the computer the other day and fell in love.

Jonathon--I would live there, too! I think you and Sarah need to go back and go in the ocean. :)

Tamra--Actually it's not on the beach--about 10 minutes from the beach. And it costs $140,000. I'm sure a house an hour away on the mainland costs half that, but seriously--$140,000! I could handle that.