Thursday, November 6, 2008

happy birthday, christian!

Dear Christian,

You make life so fun. You make it hard for me to leave for work in the mornings. You comfort me when I am sad. You are loved by so many and hated by none. You dream big. You work hard. You make me laugh. Thanks for being born.



LJ and DC said...

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Amy Carter said...

how cute. happy bday christian!

Ashley said...

Christian is the easiest guy to like. I'm glad you brought him into the family. Happy Birthday!

Camelia Bradshaw said...

Happy Birthday to Christian. He is the nicest guy. I remember the very first time I met him. He was helping to move out the apartment managers that we were replacing. We were just checking out the place and ran into him. I guess he knew Josh a little from the single's ward. He told us about the FHE group nights (remember those? I miss them) and that led us to meet our many priceless friends. I remember saying to Josh afterwards, who was that nice guy? I think we are going to like our new ward. Thank You. Have a wonderful Birthday.

Veronica Cleverly said...

I am glad Christian was born too!