Tuesday, November 4, 2008

couldn't sleep?

I know I should be writing about the elections today, but honestly, I'm sick of them. Although it was fun watching the Red Skins lose last night. The Red Skins pre-election home game has predicted the election outcome of 17 of the last 18 presidential elections (2004 was the exception). If this election follows suit, Obama is going to win. (Gobama!)

But today I'd much rather talk about a more pressing matter. Like a bug bite. A measly little bug bite. A bug bite that itches. A bug bite that wakes you up multiple times during the night to remind you that it itches. A bug bite that makes you get out of bed at the same time two nights in a row (seriously--is it on a clock or something?). A bug bite that proceeds to keep you awake for the next half hour. A bug bite that stops itching during the day just to rub it in that it's really just out to ruin your precious sleep. I am thanking my lucky stars that the killer bug only got me once. And I am buying Benadryl on the way home tonight. Down with killer bugs.


LJ and DC said...

Molly, what in the world bit you???

Molly said...

I'm assuming it was a yellow jacket, hornet, bee, etc sting. No idea since it was dark out. But my guess is that when we were standing still recovering from our dead-deer-that-was-really-a-branch scare, the bug probably decided my ankle was the only dry thing around and then got irritated by my sock/ankle when I started running again.