Sunday, November 2, 2008

bug weekend

Bugs have certainly been making their presence known this weekend. Some have become my worst enemies. Some have become my best friends.

On Saturday morning, I went on a beautiful run at Sawyer Camp Trail with some of my friends--one of my favorite places to run. Simply gorgeous. We started running before the sun came up and ran an awesome 10-miler. It was raining for about 3/4 of the run, but it was really fun. Throughout our run, we saw probably a dozen deer, dodged way too many brown salamanders, and spotted a little brown rabbit. Before the sun came up, poor Kristin thought she saw a dead deer on the trail, but it was just a fallen branch. Keep in mind my head lamp isn't that bright--shapes can look pretty scary in the dark. Less than half a mile later, I felt a sharp sting as if someone kicked a rock at my ankle. When the pain didn't subside, I quickly realized something was biting me. In the dark, I swatted at my ankle, but the sting remained. As I pulled I my headlamp off my head to get a closer look, I'm pretty sure I swatted something 3/4 of an inch big off my shoe. But with the dark, the rain, and the sharp pain, I never figured out what it was. All that remained was a red dot and quite a sting. Did I mention it hurt a lot? I walked through it for a while to make sure I wasn't going to have any sort of allergic reaction to it and then we continued on with our run. The sting didn't fully go away until about 14 hours later. Today my ankle is very slightly swollen and mildly itches. I'm pretty sure the same kind of bug bit/stung me on my lower back on that trail a couple years ago. The pain was very familiar. I thought it was a bee the last time, but the fact that this time it was dark out and raining leads me to believe it was something else. Stupid killer bugs. This bug definitely falls on my enemy list.

Today, I went to organize my CSA vegetables and realized the turnip greens and broccoli had aphids all over them. I could have carefully washed them, but there are so many places for aphids to hide (and I have so many vegetables in my fridge) that I just threw them away. Aphids gross me out. They are on my enemy list. A few minutes later, Christian and I were lamenting over our new 80's-rocker beta fish (don't worry--we gave him some regular white rocks so that the confetti rocks didn't freak him out). We've had him for almost 3 weeks now and he won't eat anything. We've tried two kinds of beta food (both of which Hungry Hungry Hippo Young Blood gobbles down with no problem). No luck. I made a comment to Christian that betas eat bugs in the wild and that we would have to catch some tiny gnats. And then it hit me! I had just thrown away a feast of aphids. I fed one to to Young Blood and like the Hungry Hungry Hippo he is, he gobbled it up. So I put a couple in Rocker's bowl and for the first time since we've had him, he actually reacted and within a minute gobbled them up, too! So I spent the next 10 minutes pulling leaves out of the trash. I now have a tupperware terrarium of aphids. Aphids are now on my friend list and Rocker's dinner list.


Amy Carter said...

ugh, that's so disturbing. if it were me, i would never go running on that trail again. you should do some research to find out what kind of bug it was.

Ashley C. said...

What?! He ate the aphids! That's awesome! Now you have to feed him live food from now on. Go thing aquids are everywhere!

Kristen said...

Ahhhh. I will now have the creeps for the rest of the day...probably tomorrow too. Yuck!