Wednesday, October 22, 2008

opera music

I'm not an opera fanatic, but there are a few songs I am absolutely in love with. And tonight I am setting up my laptop in my room so that I can fall asleep listening to "Mir is der Ehre widerfahren" from Der Rosenkavalier. It is beautiful and calming. It's a love song, but other than that I have no idea what it's about. No matter, though. It is beautiful.

And since Christian is off playing soccer, I can fall asleep to music. Which means I have to get in bed right away before he gets home.


Ryan said...

This wasn't by chance inspired by someone seeing Madam Butterfly tonight, was it?

Veeda said...

I just read your twitter account of you wishing thai food in the vending machines. That would really be awesome, only if the food was awesome of course.

Molly said...


Veeda--I made a salad tonight, then decided I didn't want salad. So I used spicy peanut sauce as the dressing. Much better.