Monday, October 27, 2008

lunchtime thoughts

1. Fun times--no pictures yet--too lazy. Last weekend we enjoyed Charlie's birthday party on Saturday and the Nike Women's Half Marathon in the city on Sunday. Been too lazy to upload the pictures. Sorry! I promise I will soon. This past weekend I enjoyed hanging out with Ashley--shopping, running, making ice cream, making tomatillo salsa, staying up way too late. Going to San Francisco in hopes of getting some Kooks concert tickets. They were sold out. We weren't surprised. Hanging out with Amy, Ivan, and Diego instead. Primary presentation on Sunday--our class did great, so we pretty much just let them color and roll around on the floor during our class time. They deserved it. Then there were the pumpkin cookies made with yams instead of pumpkins. Yummy. And spending time with Christian. Good weekend, indeed.

2. I'm not as busy as I thought. Remember how I thought my life was ending when I took the job teaching English at night? Amazingly, I haven't felt that way at all. I still spend time with Christian, I am just as productive at my full-time job, and I somehow still get out running a couple of times a week with my girls. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of my non-running friends. I need to work on that.

3. My CSA vegetables season will end in a month. I am very sad about that. Even though I don't always end up using all my vegetables, I still love them. On Saturday, Ashley and I (ok, really just Ashley) made salsa with my CSA tomatillos and Hungarian Wax Peppers. Yummy. And last night we had pasta with sauteed CSA sweet peppers and parsley, then topped it with fresh CSA tomatoes and fresh basil from my balcony garden. Christian cooked some meat to go with it, which we topped with chopped fresh chiles de arbol (my work custodian gave me that plant) from my balcony garden. Spicy! I'm a wimp, so I had to follow my meal with a glass of milk.

4. My community. I have had a huge urge to be part of my community lately. Everone who lives around us seems so nice. And yet we don't know any of them. Weekends in the park by our house are amazing. Families everywhere. But we're never there. Last night we took a walk around the neighborhood, cutting through the park. The community center was showing a movie outside on a big screen and everyone was there with their kids in Halloween costumes. People had chairs and blankets set up. They were passing out hot chocolate. I wanted to stay so badly, but we hadn't had dinner yet, so Christian wanted to go home. I recommended we just buy elotes, mangos, or tostadas from the vendor for dinner, but we realized we didn't have any money on us. So we went back to our apartment to make dinner and once again left the community in the park. It makes me sad. Still trying to figure out why we didn't just grab some blankets and money and head back out.


Holley said...

Hey Molly! It was kind of fun when I overheard Sis. Butler talking about Hollister. Then I asked if she knew the Carters and she said that she'd actually stayed at your parents house for a little while and had stayed in your room! What a small world. Glad you liked our costumes :)

LJ and DC said...

Dear Molls,
You are fabby. Also, let's party.
Loves, LJ