Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bizz johnson half marathon

I know this race wasn't planned for my birthday, but it sure made for a great one. We drove up to Susanville late on Friday and got up early for the race. It was my dream race for sure. Mountains, trail, absolutely beautiful.

The runners!

Pre-race huddle. It was 26-degrees and so cold!

Look who I ran into! John Olson from Hollister!

The entire race was gorgeous.

Granted, I wasn't exactly ready for a downhill race, and certainly wasn't prepared for how sore I would be. But I had so much fun taking pictures and chatting with the girls and enjoying the scenery. We had a lovely lunch afterward and the girls celebrated with cupcakes for me and Whitney's son, Joel! They are so sweet! Thank you, ladies!

Christian knows how much I love the mountains, so he was okay with us spending the rest of the day working our way from Susanville down highway 89. I fell in love with the little town of Quincy and with all the meadows and farmland tucked into the mountains.

Then we crashed Ian and Kitty's date night with Tyler and Ashley. Thanks for letting us crash the party! I even got a yummy mountain of chocolate from it.

Followed by a lazy Sunday at Ian and Kitty's house. Thanks, guys! We had a blast!

The rest of the weekend pictures are on our smugmug.


Tyler said...

What were your other gifts???

We loved it that you guys came to dinner.

Tyler said...

That was Ashley too lazy to sign Tyler out.

Julie and Lenny said...

super cute pic of you and christian! happy b-day!

Kerri said...

Yeah, I'm lovin that pic of you and Christian! Great lighting...that ought to be framed.