Wednesday, October 8, 2008

birthday treat for me

First, a special shout out to my fellow October birthdays! Today is Maren's birthday (friend!) and tomorrow is Paula's birthday (mother-in-law!) and Corrin's birthday (cousin!), the next day is Meghan's birthday (friend!) and Josh C's birthday (bro-in-law!). Hurray for October birthdays!

And since we're on the topic of birthdays and I have no shame celebrating my birthday for an entire week (or month--right, Josh H?), I'll share with all of you where I'm going for my birthday this weekend:

Going on a nice little run with Lindsey, Rebecca, Kaylynn, and Whitney down this gorgeous trail. Autumn colors, running, mountains, friends. Could there be a better birthday?

You better believe I'm taking my camera in my geek belt. I don't care how slow I run--I'm taking lots of pictures!


Ashley C. said...

You know what would be even cooler...running in Mendocino instead!!!

Julia said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! have fun!!

ryan, maren and leah said...

thanks for the birthday shout-out! i had a great day.

i LOVE your new green jacket.

and GOOD.LUCK. this weekend in the race. i'm so sad i won't be there to run with you guys...or cheer you on. i will be thinking of you. :)