Wednesday, October 15, 2008

birthday gifts

Since you're all so curious about my birthday gifts, here they are! These were the highlights of my birthday!

First--The gloves that fell from my sun visor. I love them. So soft, so cute. Why the heck is it still warm outside?

Second--My ESL students threw me a birthday party! Did I mention I love them? One of them found out my birthday was on Tuesday and he and his wife orchestrated the whole thing. A sheet cake (with my name on it!), soda, tuna salad. Awesome. (Sorry about the blurry phone pictures.)

Third--"Vegetable Throne" was the first hint Christian gave me. The only thing I could think of was that maybe Christian had put a gift out on the patio table, since that's where I have my vegetable plants. Turns out he got me new "vegetable thrones"--flower stands! I have been wanting them for soooo long. He freed up my patio table and completely rearranged my plants--down to such detail that my vegetable plants drain into the pots below. He's so smart.

Third--"Rung Chair" was the second hint. I totally nailed this one. Rung? Ladder rung. But chair? Ooh! My little Ugly Doll Bat sits on the ladder rungs all year long. Orange Bat! The other week we were out and about and I saw the orange bat. I told Christian I needed it to go with our black bat, but I forgot about it. And when I got home--sure enough! He got me the orange bat! I love it.

Fourth--Richard came home with another beta fish for me! Complete with 80's rocks. I'm pretty sure I had a pair of Body Glove biker shorts that would have matched those rocks perfectly. Sweet.

I love birthdays.


Tyler said...

Fun. Christian (and every other decent husband out ther) puts me to shame in the gifting category.

Ashley said...

Ahh here is the post! Those are fun gifts. I am so impressed that your class through you a party! That is the sweetest thing ever. They must adore you.

LJ and DC said...

How cute is Christian, and how cute are your students??
Please tell me what is growing in your veggie garden, and is it too late for me to start a mini one this year too?

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Christian did a great job! Did he happen to get 50 friends to sign your bathroom mirror?

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, Kerri! I totally remember that! I had completely forgotten. Nope--you win for that. That was awesome.

Braden and Cheri said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Cake looks yummy.Happy Birthday Molly. Good job Christian!

Jenni said...

Hooray for birthdays and hooray for Molly! Happy very belated birthday!